Here Are Five of the Biggest (Over-Promising) Games of E3 2014

These games look great, but echoes of E3s past suggest that there are some key gameplay and content pieces missing form their demonstrations.

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alexkoepp2510d ago

I'd agree with Destiny, I wouldn't consider any of the others to be in the category of the "Biggest Games" of E3

showtimefolks2509d ago

i think destiny is trying to do a lot of major things but i don't know if everything will be done in one game. I think like Mass Effect and other RPG's the first entry of the game will see some trial and error stuff

here is my dream wishlist for destiny:

a lot of loot, fun rewarding loot
Great RPG elements
an open world that's fun and unique to travel
a compelling story(this is a big MUST)
Unique character classes

Basically a borderlands game with better loot rewarding system, a proper story like mass effect but without the bad ending, a fun universe to travel in