The ten games we'd like to find out more about at E3 2014

Digitally Downloaded: "Everyone likes a top-10 list. They're a bit of fun, and always good for discussion. And so every so often we pull together a "top 10" list. These are here for fun and laughs - we're not pretending that we're the authority of good games taste in the world and this is purely the author's preferences. Agree with him/ her or not, it's all good."

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nope1112499d ago

Give me FFXII for Vita and i will eat my hat.

Xof2499d ago

I would eat your hat, too, if that happened.

mikel10152499d ago

Fatal Frame V announced for the west! :D

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2499d ago

Will something big just leak already ?

LiViNgLeGaCY2499d ago

Final Fantasy XII HD would make me extremely happy.