Donna Burke hints at more ‘Sins of the Father’ in MGSV: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 trailer

Donna Burke, the Australian singer who could be heard in last year’s E3 trailer of The Phantom Pain, hinted on her Facebook page at the song being used again for this year’s trailer. She said that we can expect ‘maybe a bit more’ of Sins of the Father, as well as the iDroid navigation.

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Batzi2501d ago

Can't wait! Sony Press conference tomorrow maybe?

Nyxus2501d ago

That would certainly be cool. Though Konami said we will get more Metal Gear on the 10th, so maybe that will be the date.

ShugaCane2501d ago

That would be amazing. The song in the E3 trailer gave me goosebumps.

gameseveryday2501d ago

Cant wait for this. Been on my radar for ages. If the game comes out in will complete my 17 years of Metal Gear saga.

Boy its been a while 0_0

Patrick_pk442501d ago

How can MGSV be on your radar for ages when it was announced in 2012?

crimsonfox2501d ago

Almost 3 years for a franchise you love can feel like ages. Dont be a literal smart ass.

MaximusMagna2501d ago

I love this song, sometimes i watch the last year E3 trailer just for the song.

PaleMoonDeath2501d ago

I only have one gripe, this new trailer may show much of what I'd rather experience playing or watching when I have my copy, Metal Gear Solid's soundtracks have always been gorgeous, I have all of them on my Ipod!

I just need a proper version on SOF, the version I have has explosions in the mix haha!