Final Fantasy XV’s Absence From E3 2014 is Not a Good Thing

Stephen from Leviathyn dares to speak against popular opinion by citing why Final Fantasy XV's absence from E3 is a terrible mistake for Square Enix.

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Chris0922499d ago

Maybe they want go save "new information" for TGS.

Capt-FuzzyPants2499d ago

We say that every year...

But I think I read Hashimoto said they would show more at an event shortly after E3, so hopefully "soon" actually means soon this time.

UltimateMaster2499d ago

Damn it.
Ohh well. I knew it wasn't coming this year.

sonerone2499d ago

like in the past 6 years

joab7772499d ago

Thing is...we cannot hate on them for showing us so much every year that doesnt release within the next yr, and then be mad when they actually choose to hold back. I want this game to be great and could care less if its at E3. I just wanna see whats up with 14ARR.

3-4-52499d ago

Can't wait until 2020 to play it.

maximus19852499d ago

also factor in the last minute delay 2021....oh wait theres the new ps5 and and xbox2 by then sooooooo

Patrick_pk442499d ago

"2020" that is too generous, the game won't release in our life time! Maybe our kids will play it?

adventureghost1242499d ago

Still, that doesn't make a load of sense. E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year, why would they miss out on it?

3-4-52499d ago

Remember when FF7,8 &9 were released ALL within like 3-4 years of eachother.

What happened to that?

* If Dev's focused on Art Style instead of realism games would only take 1.5 years instead of 3.

wnek92499d ago

its not at tgs this year

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Abriael2499d ago

Amazing, thought it was a good thing here. Silly me.

-Foxtrot2499d ago

Well there is some silly people who think it's good because "Well it means they get to spend more time on it so it will be more amazing"

...Yeah like we haven't waited enough ¬¬

MightyNoX2499d ago

So glad I got off the FF wagon but I'm still amazed at the twinges of pain I get whenever I see S-E doing stupid crap to sink further into irrelevancy. Please excited, indeed....sigh.

Squall_232499d ago

Of course not ..Squere is hidden something :/

Irishguy952499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

There only big FF game not appearing at E3. Yeah right. Specially with how far its come along. I mean do they simply have nothing to show now to increase hype?

Ah summons, its kinda should be in the spotlight now and closing in on release at this stage.

@ godmars, there is actually a bit of one of those engines being used for FF15 :) They did say when it's finished FFXV might be ported to it entirely. Who knows

Taislin2499d ago

I know they think it´s not the right time to show it, whatever that means, but couldn´t they at least give out an interview talking about some gamepla mechanichs, Lenght, world and what not? They don´t need to efectively show us the game running t 100% or a demo, but just hearing what they´re doing right now would be good. I´m just getting a preety bad vibe from all of this.

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The story is too old to be commented.