Battlefield Hardline: It Shouldn’t Be A Battlefield Game

(Zack Garvey Writes) Last week we were treated to a leak of the new Battlefield game, Battlefield Hardline. Now, I love Battlefield games as much as the next guy, but this is a mistake. I am going to tell you why and hopefully when it releases, you will think: “Wow, that guy, Zack, is pretty good.”

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CaEsAr-2505d ago

How to get profits from your next installment:
1. Make a spin off Battlefield that has nothing to do with the series.
2. Copy @ Paste visuals, sound effects, icons and HUD..
3. .........
4. Premium/Season Pass Crap
5. Profit

NYC_Gamer2505d ago

It's because the BF brand fanbase is huge and EA wants Hardline to be successful

jaelegend2505d ago

I think it be more successful if it didnt have battlefield in it. After how bf4 launched....

AgentSmithPS42505d ago

"Battlefield marries infantry combat with great vehicle combat almost perfectly and that’s what makes Battlefield games brilliant. Battlefield Hardline is removing, what is essentially, the heart of the game."

EA stomped on our hearts for many months with BF4 so removing the heart is just the beginning of their evil evolution.

305LoneWolf2505d ago

It should of been an expansion of BF4..

jaelegend2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

If going with swat and criminals the battlefield formula should be broken down to fix the theme. Not copy and paste but tighter maps smaller teams and a cover system more on the lines of rainbow six. If it plays like BF4 they failed in bringing that theme to the series. Change it up so its not all the same, Devs are such pu**ies theses days........