New Console by Microsoft and “Exciting” New PS4 and Xbox One Game Listed by Australian Retailer

Between the pre-E3 rumors, this has to be the weirdest by far. Prominent Australian entertainment and electronics retailer Dick Smith published three extremely peculiar listings.

The listings are about a new console by Microsoft (that could be the rumored White Xbox One) and an "exciting" new game by Take 2 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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ajames3472121d ago

Probably just a different SKU, if true.

JackOfAllBlades2121d ago

Your a poet? Did you know it?

sdozzo2121d ago

Yeah. Not really news.

choujij2121d ago

Hope so. Be a shame if they burned their Xbone fans.

MazzingerZ2121d ago

A new SKU after barely just some months is not really the exciting news early adopters expect about their investment, regardless if it's a PS4 or X1

Games should always be the top news.

bintarok2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

It may not be a new SKU, somebody has posted a diagram from hotchips site that shows a possibility of X360 Add-On...

FriedGoat2120d ago

lol, an add-on through Ethernet?

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Magicite2121d ago

Since X1 is no more ''ALL in One'', they must change the name to something less confusing.

headblackman2121d ago

it's still all in one, but if you choose to buy the x1 sku without kinect then that's just your choice, but you have the option to choose the all in one x1. kincet is still sold with the x1, but there is an option to save some money and buy a sku without kinect. but that doesn't mean that it no longer exist, so please don't try to spin it as if it will no longer be sold with the x1.

Zenith4k2121d ago

i said exactly the same thing a few weeks ago and all i got where negative feed backs, but i did post it on an Xbox and a half site. but it makes sense its not not no longer a console that encompass all, so they should change the name. i even sent an email to Microsoft but unfortunately they have still not replied.
don't mind the negative feedback its fools that still believe that its still encompass all, and its your choice to buy the kinetic if you want the "ONE-ness". and they are all going to hell for there nievety

FanboyKilla2121d ago

Lol it still does all the things ps4 doesnt with or without kinect. Lol its now your choice if you want to go without it. I love my kinect, but thats me. I love being able to do multiple things as opposed to just playing a game. Xone has changed the way i play games. Lmfao im not going back to that crap no matter how you down play it. My ps4 screams 2005 software. Lol. And sony with their it fixes bugs and network performance updates. Lmfao i call them firmware upfakes. E3 lets go.

MysticStrummer2121d ago

...Some in One…

XB1 was never all in one anyway, so they shouldn't have gone with that slogan in the first place.

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user14394142121d ago ShowReplies(3)
BG115792121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Xbox one point zero-one or xbox 1.01....

osprey192121d ago

If true id wager its the xbox one slim

ITPython2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

While it seems unlikely MS would release a new console this soon, they do have that reputation when it comes to their operating systems. Whenever they release an OS that fails to catch on, they quickly release a good one within a year or two. I think ever since they got into the OS game, it has been that way. Release one failure, then shortly thereafter release a OS that is a huge hit. Rinse and repeat. It sort of happened with the original Xbox and the 360 (the Xbox didn't catch on, and 4 year later they released the very popular 360).

Consoles are a different breed though, and releasing a new console too early will have an insane amount of backlash.

If MS was smart about this, they would release a new Xbox that is much more powerful than the PS4, but make it 100% reverse compatible with XB1 games, and the games developed for the more powerful console would be reverse compatible with the XB1 (somehow). If this was possible, then that means the devs nor XB1 gamers would get screwed, as all games would still work on all the next-gen Xbox platforms.

MajorGecko2121d ago

early adopters usually don't adopt again microsoft needs to be flexible to avoid telling us to buy 360's again.

Azzanation2120d ago

Its there new XB1 without Kinect. Honestly did I have to post that?

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XiSasukeUchiha2121d ago

New Console by MS damn sweet. A new game for PS4 and Xbone gimme the games:)

Antnee5342121d ago

Sasuke your still falling into a pit stop commenting and fix that situation

DxTrixterz2121d ago

He's under Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Antnee5342121d ago

Lol Finally someone comments back lol

lifeisgamesok2121d ago

I'd say no on any new gaming hardware for Xbox unless it was some kind of add-on

Or the white xbox one

christocolus2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I can't wait to hear the announcements plannned for tomorrow. So hyped up.i hope i can get some sleep tonight.

incendy352121d ago

I hope it is a smaller diskless Xbox One. I would be all over that!

MeliMel2121d ago

I agreed because at some point in time it makes sense. A 1tb Xbox One mini for $199 would be sweet for digital gamers. And with added external hard drive support its a dream scenerio but only in an all Xbox World...hahahaha

Thefreeman0122120d ago

I am definitely interested in a disk less xbox at $199. If not just for forza, halo and a few other games

Clown_Syndr0me2121d ago

Then the internet will erupt in DRM hate speeches again...

andibandit2121d ago

Hard to see how when its a free choice to get the diskless version or not

Flutterby2121d ago

They would have to be completely full retard to sell a disk driveless console, working as manager at eb has shown me most people are turned off going digital, when the xbone had 2 free digital games sales went to the ps4 or Xbone standard rather than the ones with digital games. The general public just don't want digital yet.

Ghost_Nappa2121d ago

Agreed, i have 10 games and less than half my hdd left

ScottyHoss2121d ago

I've actually saved money going digital, no taxes, no "disc protection", and the money spent on a 2TB HDD is less than the taxes of all the games it will fit. I don't think the people going digital would be in EB games all too often either :P

MRMagoo1232120d ago


" I don't think the people going digital would be in EB games all too often either :P" cos they can download controllers and accessories right /s

AndrewLB2120d ago

They'll get used to it. It took PC users a while to go disk-less and now most pc games are sold that way.

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MeliMel2121d ago

Well technically wasnt the new sku without Kinect supposed to be released tomorrow. Could be that.

Abriael2121d ago

That's listed on its own

MeliMel2121d ago

Ok cool, wonder what it could be. Maybe it is that White sexy sku then.