Is GTA: City Stories an iOS Exclusive?

Recently Rockstar trademarked City Stories, sparking rumours of a game announcement in the near future, potentially at E3. Grab It presents an argument that console and PC gamers may want to prepare for it being an iOS exclusive.

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SlappingOysters2499d ago

If they can get the whole of San Andreas playing on an iPad, you'd think they could do justice to a full GTA game on iOS.

GdaTyler2499d ago

Mobile gaming has really screwed up the gaming industry. This is why I never want things like this to happen.

zeal0us2499d ago

Greedy publishers have screwed up the gaming industry. Mobile phone is just another platform for them to use.

bothebo2499d ago

Hopefully it's for the Vita. God knows we need it.

Pillsbury12499d ago

Yeah I have been replaying gta vice city stories on psp. The portable gta's are so much fun on the go.

sanosukegtr1232499d ago

Give it to the Ps Vita instead. Screw the ISO. It lack buttons.

Chrono2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

They should make San Andreas Stories based on the GTA V assets.

Milesprowers2499d ago

Why can't phones be phones, Vita/3DS are proper mobile gaming platforms.

GdaTyler2499d ago

Exactly what I am saying.

zeal0us2499d ago

Because times change and people want devices that can do multiple things rather than one single thing.

ZeroChaos2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

This makes me sad. Its great that iOS and Android maybe getting these but what about HD remakes on the next gen version of the consoles the series was on? :(

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The story is too old to be commented.