PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Leaked - To Be Revealed at E3 2014

A leak that emerged on Twitter shows that the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars game is allegedly called PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 and it will be revealed at E3 2014. Below is the leaked GIF and screenshot of the game.

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Kayant2505d ago

Random rumor from random account. Journalism.....

Cupid_Viper_32505d ago

Besides the good point you've made, I'm just wondering what's the point of have a facking E3 conference if irresponsible people are just going to leak every facking bit of surprise.

The show is in a few hours, stop with the facking rumors and leaks already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XisThatKid2505d ago

I disagree kinda, Ready for conspiracy theory time? I don't think they're "leaks" at all I think Sony does this on purpose for hype and buzz and gives people to look forward to their fav rumor to get squashed or confirmed. This kind thing is free publicity and advertising.

Don't get me wrong I think SOME things are actually "leaked" but most not. THIS is just a rumor prolly done by some fan but could hold weight (I personally hope) Just my perspective.

Omegasyde2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


It could be that a company is in charge of setting up Sony booths for E3, and had incompetent employees who can't keep their mouths shut.

I would say this is a rumor, because it shows a MOG/kupu which is usually more for Final Fantasy stuff.

But that gif looks like it was taken from a cell phone in an actual place - meaning this leak is more than likely came from within E3. the gif video is from a cell phone camera - pointing towards a screen (assuming tv).

/educated guess

ZodTheRipper2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


At this point no, I don't think these are "controlled leaks" - it's too late. These should have been leaked at least a week before the event to hype people, now people don't care that much because the show is in a few hours. I for one don't feel the need to argue whether this is true, I won't expect it at the show but it would be really cool if true.

gaffyh2505d ago

IF this is real, that logo is kinda shit.

abstractel2505d ago

@Cupid_Viper_3 Totally agree. Then people complain that there are no surprises at E3, all because of attention seeking people. It's like spoiling the ending of a great movie.

Army_of_Darkness2505d ago

That Final fantasy Mog could be a sign that Cloud( or Lightning :-/)will be in battle royal round 2, if this leak is true that is... I just hope they listened to the gamers this time and really improve on the previous one...

spacecat50502504d ago

PS All Stars seemed like a marketing cash in for all the new character releasing video games at that time.

New Dante, Raiden and other characters that weren't even associated with truly being a PS All Star.

I think that is the reason this game didn't do to well. It felt phoned in and half done compared to Smash Bros. I doubt Sony would revisit this game especially with the original dev team gone and Seth Killian leaving sony.

Toadsanime2504d ago


As a journalist and a retail representative, I can wholeheartedly confirm that game publishers do indeed do that. They'll leak a few tidbits of information themselves - either directly or via journalists - in order to initiate hype. It's kinda necessary if other companies are having pre-E3 leaks and building hype; unfortuantely, it's an important part of E3 PR.

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XisThatKid2505d ago

Please! I hope so. I have such a love hate relationship with this game. I've been heartbroken so many times by it. Hope the second is still great but what it should have been made with care still fun and actually exist. Despite my unpopular opinion I don't care if this is a big announcement or announcement at all I just want it to happen.

Prime1572505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I loved the first one, but I hope the kill system is different if they do a second... some characters were definitely over powered at certain kill levels.

Fireseed2505d ago

Well what do you expect when it's in an industry who would have someone fired over stuff like this?

Kayant2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Well if you work somewhere and choose to leak something you're not supposed to on to social media then that's your fault. It's your words and choice it isn't any different than whispering it to someone in their ears. If it's was a mistake then that's a different matter.

A gaming website sourcing a rumour from a random twitter user is just dumb and poor journalism especially when the content is pointing more towards being fake than real or leaked info.

You only need to look through his feed see he is not being serious and his source likely being 4chan. Now I know people will say but don't Project beast leak the same way? It did but the difference is one the content was low res screen captures not super angled screen caps like almost every fake "leak" so far then there's the fact there has been hinting from a sony employee on gaf for a while, and we got direct feed footage of said leak ableit low res and all.

KazHirai2505d ago

This looks as fake as it gets

ZodTheRipper2505d ago

Sadly I agree :/
A sequel done right would be sooo cool but I think it's a bit too early for one.

XiSasukeUchiha2505d ago

Why would Sony make a another one it's a question of its own!

LiViNgLeGaCY2505d ago

Why not? I had an absolute blast with the first one.

Kribwalker2505d ago

The first one was a terrible copy of smash brothers. Leave that stuff to Nintendo, just like all the kart racing clones out there. Nobody does that like Nintendo

Sevir2505d ago

It sold 1.5 million between the PS3 and Vita, why shouldn't they make another? Sony Santa Monica worked on the the first one along with Bluepoint Games since it was their engine that made it I doubt they'd need Superbot Ent. So I think this may be true. We shall see. This would totally be a surprise.

noctis_lumia2505d ago

Kribwalker why should stop making kart games ?
i would die for another crash bandicoot kart game

Valhallix2504d ago

Uhm maybe because people loved the hell out of the first one? Even now with PS4 out, game sessions are pretty much instant ques in allstars. People are still playing the hell out of it.

Its only issue was its lack of content. The fighting however? FAR superior to that of Smash bros, and many reviewers have stated the same.

All it lacked was polish, it was one of the funnest exclusives on the PS3.

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-Foxtrot2505d ago

Random or not if it's true....I hope it's good

The first one was a good try but it didn't keep you coming back for more

The health system was a massive have to use Supers to kill off enemies. Why not just do a health bar, seeing Supers over and over again got boring

Next problem was the characters

New Dante, Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, Two Cole McGraths instead of just having one neutral Cole, Heihachi Mishima

No Crash, no Spyro, no Cloud, Squall, Lara Croft, Croc, Gex, Gabriel Logan, Tomba, Dart, Snake...come on Sony don't do the game unless you can impress with characters

3-4-52505d ago

PS All-stars with an actual good roster and Stages that aren't just a cluster funk of patches and random colors that don't go together. = Awesome.

THamm2504d ago

Make it like Mk or sciv already, all stars was boring as hell. Or at least power stone

LiQuiZoN2504d ago


<3 all stars. Can't wait to see them improve on the mechanics.

showtimefolks2504d ago

i hope they learned from their mistakes from the 1st game and will make the proper improvements. Make it just like smash bros but playstation mascots

yeh its a rip off but atleast do a good job of it and make it fun

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SkippyPaccino2505d ago

Hopefully this time they do a clone of smash brother and dont listen to the whiney Nintendo fans complaining that they're ripping off super smash... F the Nintendo fans...(the ones who can't stand the idea of Sony having their own smash game) the fans want to play a smash clone and we don't want you to reinvent the wheel...

Ck1x2505d ago

Yeah because I'm sure that's what they did, listened to Nintendo fans. They had SmashBros running while developing All Stars, so I think they were trying to hard to make it different! I don't think there's any way Sony would show this game the same year Nintendo is having a SmashBros event at e3. It would just seem like they are under selling the franchise if that's the case.

XisThatKid2505d ago

i want them to keep the formula but tweak it and maybe add a percentage mode or whatever I like the identity PSAS has don't want to lose that.

SkippyPaccino2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )


I agree... They were trying so hard to make it different... But we didn't want different... They could've added those modes but have the bulk of the game play like smash (we all wanted to play king of the mountain and push are friends off the edge) in the end by trying to be different they delivered something the masses didn't accept ... There's nothing wrong with a smash game with Sony characters... Hopefully this time they learnt (they can also have the old modes for the ones who did like it)

Hellsvacancy2505d ago

I don't, ill be skipping that part of the show for sure

Chris0922505d ago

Would be fun playing that kind of game with friends in the same room with PS4.

Lucreto2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

What is with the moogle?

BitbyDeath2505d ago

If true then would likely mean a Final Fantasy character is in the game.

Lord_Sloth2505d ago

^^^ Would much rather have Noctis.

Ratty2505d ago

It took a while for anyone to notice that one. I was scrolling down the comments thinking "Why isn't anyone talking about the moogle??"

IMO I think it's weird to see a moogle there but like BitbyDeath said if it's true it probably just means that they're adding a Final Fantasy character this time around.

URNightmare2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Cloud, Squall, Tidus. It would be awesome to see Tidus in the game summing a Aeon at Level 3 or something, a Blitz ball at level 1, something like that!

Crap! Square could have their own All Stars game with so many FF characters now that I think about it.

Ratty2505d ago


They already do. It's called Dissidia. I do wish they'd make a console version though. It was good on PSP but I'm not much of a portable fan.