Why Microsoft Are Ruining this Console Generation

The first hit for the Xbox One came when they announced the console always had to be online and would not allow games to be traded. The main reason this was annoying was how Microsoft reacted to it. They tried defending the features and tried to convince people how the features would benefit the users while never truly explaining what the true constraints and details of the features were. Like everyone else I had not seen much of the console so I really couldn't bash it on those reasons alone so I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt once they announced they had removed these constrains on the system.

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iamnsuperman2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

The only reason why some of this stuff has happened is because of the disastrous pre-launch the Xbox One has had. They have had to bend the truth to keep up appearances but these kind of blunders happen when your product gets a bad reaction. Sony told us all to get a second job to afford the PS3. Just the type of things companies say when they panic

Also, buzzwords/ludicrous tag lines from companies seem to be a western problem (and in particular an American PR strategy). So singling out Microsoft isn't really fair since it is common practice. For a start, Microsoft has always done this (even with the 360; look at kinect for a perfect example) and they are not alone. Look at Apple. Their company is built on PR terminology that means nothing. So again it isn't fair since American companies do this quite regularly (it is bad though).

1nsomniac2608d ago

Completely agree, couldn't have said it better myself.

georgeenoob2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

If anything they're making this generation all the more enjoyable with their awesome games line-up.

They are VERY active with customer feedback. How can you "ruin a generation" when you're so vibrant with the gaming community?

Magicite2608d ago

I hate Xbox(MS) with my bones and brains, but even I must admit, they brought also some good things into gaming.

ZodTheRipper2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I wouldn't judge companies so much by their words but rather by their actions instead. And when I think about Microsoft these things come to mind:
Xbox 360 era:
- they started the trend of "timed exclusivity" - investing lots of money into temporary marketing advantages rather than actual game development or IP building (and they still continue it - see PvZ, Titanfall or Dead Rising)
- a few years after launch they stopped investing into these exclusive deals, probably because they thought that the market is saturated
- they started the trend of charging for an online subscription ...for almost 10 years people paid for XboxLive while most of it's "services" were free on other platforms
- the failure rate of the original 360 was over 50%, that's almost unbelieveable if you compare it to similar products
- they treated indie developers like second rate all the time, you can read some shocking quotes here

Xbox One:
- they tried many consumer unfriendly things (Used Games, Always online, DRM) with their initial concept and were forced to backpedal when preorders were alarmingly low
- they broke many promises they made before launch during the last few months, here's a few
- they made a big promise at E3 to launch in 21 markets and then they reduced that number to only 13 countries in August
- they promised to their customers that Kinect would always be included in the box, it's integration would grow as time went on and more developers got on board...
- they promised support for their media functions in other countries than the US, but until today there is not muchto be seen there

So all in all I agree with this article, we should ask the question: Which benefits is Microsoft bringing to our industry? And well, I can't find too many to be honest...

DialgaMarine2608d ago

@georgenoob, can you tell us about this awesome games lineup? You talk like you've come from the end of generation where M$ just released thousands of amazing AAA games. Here in reality, we're 8 months in, and they haven't released a single AAA exclusive game since launch day (and no, Titanfall is not exclusive). I only see the same games we've been expecting to hear about at E3 (another Forza, another Fable, another Halo, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, and that's it. They have no first party studios working on anything besides BT's new GoW, but if you that's only been in development for only a few months, we'll maybe, MAYBE, get a short CGI trailer for it to officially announce it. Gameplay? Not a snowball's chance in hell if BT actually wants people to be impressed by it. So please tell me about these games that, in your magical little world, are the megaton nukes that M$ is preparing to fire and decimate the competition with. Just PM me or something. Hell, maybe you''ll convince me to buy an XBone.

1nsomniac2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

The problem is people think Don Mattrick is new & has turned the company around by being in the position he is in & that's just plain stupid naivety!

He's been a big part of the front line up of Xbox/Microsoft for a long, long time & has made equally stupid & deceitful public comments/decisions for years. Xbox/Microsoft are ONLY saying what they are saying & listening to the public because they have been forced to. Even after publically claiming they will not do what fans ask them to, until the point where the company actually got to the point of the possibility of the Xbox devision having to be sold off. Yet people are still pathetically lapping it up & giving them a free pass.

Don't get me wrong im in no way a fanboy & hold no allegiance to any company. This is exactly the same reason why Sony has had a role reversal this generation because they made equally stupid & deceitful comments/decisions last generation so have also been forced. Albeit there still is a convincing argument that Microsoft continually tried pushing the agenda even through the backlash because they had the money to not have to care about the repercussions at least to an extent. You could say they potentially have also caused a more negative impact in the gaming industry as a whole than any other company.

Sony have at least realised that if there going to backtrack there going to have to backtrack with some conviction rather than just do it to keep the peace with shareholders.

The reason its been much more a public onslaught for Microsoft is that its blatent PR BS there's not even an attempt to cover it up & theres still people with limited IQ that don't understand or ignore it.

gamertk4212608d ago

^^^Do some research. Don Mattrick left. Phil Spencer is running the show, and there's a reason he's all about games, since he's a former dev himself, and previously was running MGS. His vision for Xbox is much more in line with the core gamer, and the turn around has been swift and astonishing.

1nsomniac2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

^^^ OK sorry you know who I meant, Yes Phil Spencer has been there since 1988. I will put you in the latter category rather than the ignorant.

ShinMaster2608d ago

I AGREE with almost everything in the article EXCEPT THE TITLE/HEADLINE.

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DigitalRaptor2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Dude. Albert Penello went on NeoGaf to spread lies in a desperate series of spin posts. He tried to lie to a bunch of discerning gamers who simply know better and he was torn down.

That is where you draw the line. I've never seen such obvious corporate deceit in all my time.

tgunzz2608d ago

All companies use similar tactics (even the one's we all work for), just because you like a brand or whatever, don't think for one minute that it's not happening. As far as the drm/online policies go. How many of you gamers on here subscribe to, or subcribed to itunes, and other streaming services? How many of you pay to play all those games, and use all those features on your cell phones?? Please tell me that most are not using cable, or satellite services... And I take it, that the majority of gamers on here that continue to attack the initial reveal doesn't have ps plus, or xb live gold, (speaking of gold, there was a silver package during the early yrs of live) right? Speaking of plus, online gaming was free on the ps. The gaming industry is a group (like all others), and will change as a group like all others. How many of you die hard ps fans abandoned the ps3 when sony announced that the ps3 was not just a gaming machine, and the price reflected that? Did you lose faith, did you feel that attack on your hardcore gaming roots, and more important, did it stop you from purchasing the console (didn't stop me)?? As for used games trade ins, as much as I am apart of it, I am sure that we all can see it going away (this has the same impact on games pricing/costs/profits as piracy do for movies). Ms/Sony/Nintendo, are not non profit organizations.... I will say this, out of all 3 of my consoles, the only disks that I am purchasing is on the wiiu. How many of you out there are still purchasing disk games only for you ps4, or xb1 (and not downloading indie games because they don't offer the disk)? Just curious....

Magnes2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Exactly this article just hit the 30 foot wide nail right in the head with a 10 ton sledgehammer.

johndoe112112608d ago


the minute you try to justify drm, the rest of your argument becomes pointless.

tgunzz2608d ago

@johndoe, No need in justifying something that will be embraced as the gaming industry continue to change. What's interesting is arguing of something that a most are participating in... Those ps plus /xb live accounts are growing, and growing be it monthly charge, or annual... What I am really waiting on is those surveys showing the % of growth of digital downloads vs disk sales... This gen will be very interesting....

DigitalRaptor2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

@ tgunzz

You're essentially defending DRM on physical discs, and promoting consoles that we no longer own/have control over to play content we OWN as a good thing/natural progression.

1) It's not the future.

2) It's not going to happen as long as people value their consumer rights.

3) Only Microsoft would be careless enough to initiate such a mechanism for their entire ecosystem.

You prefer draconian policies/dystopian control.

We prefer to value what is right.

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XiSasukeUchiha2608d ago

I agree with you Superman aka Clark Kent oops I shouldn't have say it watch out!

Off topic: Superman in his latest movie was so boring i should of kill him with a chidori!

XiNarutoUzumaki2608d ago

Hahaha. Superman has always been boring. The latest film was entertaining.

Not-A-Cat2608d ago

...They're starting to multiply.

Retroman2608d ago

WHAT'D?????? Clark kent really SUPERman good golly miss molly . Barry allen must be Bruce wayne haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fastest bat alive .........j/k

Blaze9292608d ago

"Microsoft are clearly taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people on the internet will read anything in an image and believe it. "

Right...I'm sure they took full advantage of Xbox One being called an NSA spy device on the internet.

Author sounds personally upset.

miyamoto2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


How NSA access was built into Windows
Careless mistake reveals subversion of Windows by NSA.
A CARELESS mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA "help information" trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

The first discovery of the new NSA access system was made two years ago by British researcher Dr Nicko van Someren. But it was only a few weeks ago when a second researcher rediscovered the access system. With it, he found the evidence linking it to NSA.

Careless or intentional?


Earlier in the week the hypocrisy of the big tech firms was exposed when the NSA's senior lawyers "busted" their lies by explaining they knew full-well that they were engaged in the surveillance-state. Today comes yet more 'elite' hypocrisy as AP reports, Microsoft, which has skewered rival Google for going through customer emails to deliver ads, acknowledged Thursday it had searched emails in a blogger's Hotmail account to track down who was leaking company secrets. Scroogled, indeed.

We do spy and search your data - but only if we really need it... (via AP)
We do spy and search your data - but only if we really need it...
We do spy and search your data - but only if we really need it...

the software company "took extraordinary actions in this case."

In the future, he said, Microsoft would consult an outside attorney who is a former judge to determine if a court order would have allowed such a search.

The case involves former employee Alex Kibkalo, a Russian native who worked for Microsoft as a software architect in Lebanon.

Besides the email search, Microsoft also combed through instant messages the two exchanged that September. Microsoft also examined files in Kibkalo's cloud storage account, which until last month was called SkyDrive. Kibkalo is accused of using SkyDrive to share files with the blogger.

'They can effectively compromise your entire operating system'

Microsoft Admits Its Datacenters Are Wide Open To NSA Attacks

Its a good thing many gamers are not stupid enough to be fooled by Kinect!
M$ thinks consumers are stupid now it backfires on them.

Pogmathoin2608d ago

I am sorry, but Fanboys on all sides are ruining this generation.... A scourge on the industry.....

christocolus2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I agree with you and blaze, I think MS has done a great job,every company messes up with pr or directiojn once in a while. I love the copmpany,they are one of the most sucessful companies ever, they have managed to remain relevant through out the years and they are a giant in their field,very few companys can boast of being this successfull and they are one of the largest employers of labor worlwide. I love ms,they are a great corporation,I use their products and I've never had reasons to complain and that's the truth,i love the xbx brand and the competition it brings to the industry,its made sony step up their game too.hate timed exclusives or money hatting(as its called here) the truth is they are in a competiton to sell more hardware than their would be naïve to think sony and nintendo wouldnt do same if they had the finacial power at ms does.people will always talk about them,hate on them,complain about their bad pr(sometimes) and questionable business practices but in the end they are a company that many out there wish they could be. It would be even more weird if a company as huge and successfull as MS wasn't getting this much hate. Success this big usually brings about the most criticism. I wish them all the best and I wish others same.

Looking forward to E3.

Aussiebeachbabe2608d ago

I hate fanboys. We are all gamers and should stick together. I would love to smash a fanboys console to watch them cry. Ha ha ha.

harrisk9542608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Good luck, MS. MS has a lot to prove at E3, but that is only the beginning. MS needs to SHOW, not just talk... They are great at press conferences (Cirque du Soliel, Kinect/Project Natal faked, etc.), but this time is different... gamers are skeptical of them this time around.

For anyone who thinks that the new "Kinectless" XB1 will just outsell PS4, keep dreaming. May happen (I guess), but the day before launch of the new sku, PS4 is still at number 6 on Amazon (U.S.) (never been out of top 10) while the Kinectless $399 XB1 is at number 57 (and the Titanfall bundle is at number 45).

Now, MS is again MISREPRESENTING to the general public with a new Aaron Paul ad showing him playing Titanfall on his XB1 using Kinect for voice commands... yet, the ad ends with "XB1, Starting at $399.00" (asterisk.... fine print... "Kinect sold separately"... "Some features require Kinect - Coming Fall 2014 - Retail prices may vary")... seriously, MS. Just stop it already.

ThePope2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I love this kind of comment. I'm assuming you're on other forums complaining that in Mc Donald's commercials the hamburgers look to juicy. Commercials across all products show optional equipment. Are you saying they can only talk about the base model if they say it starts at $399.

That's the problem with this site. It's a big bandwagon of haters. For example people are sooo shortsighted they think the used game policy was to screw consumers, when in fact it was done in an effort to help developers of the games we love make more money so they CAN MAKE MORE GAMES. No one complains about game stop when they take a ton of your money, and are hurting the market. But you fools complain about how DLC should have been part of the game the whole time. How do you expect companies to make money, which they have to, if they don't do things like this? You can't have it both ways.

The best part is so many people said they hated the idea of downloading games saying "I want the physical copy" yet digital downloads have skyrocketed this gen. You can't resell those.

It's forums like this if a non gamer were to look at it, they would say gamers are an unintelligent, uninformed, selfish group of people living in a lala land where they think everything should be free and that companies should never make 1 dollar if we the gamers feel it's mean.

Grow up.

Now you,can down vote me. But remember pretending or saying it's not true doesn't change the fact that it is

snookiegamer2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


Yeah I can kinda agree on the whole N. American PR thing, it happens, but that is no excuse as far as consumer relations, ultimately leading to brand mistrust. If we're totally candid, surely we can agree MS seem to be making more PR mishaps than Apple, Sony & Google put together.


Everything you typed was 100% fact, so those disagreeing are in a deep state of denial. However, we all make mistakes and nothing's ever perfect.

MS can and will fix this eventually, but this generation is lost to Xbox One, pretty much in the same way how PS3 lost market leadership for the most part of last gen, in spite of the amazing games.

In all honesty, Microsoft should be eternally grateful to have such a forgiving fan base.


Spotie2608d ago

Sony told no one to get a second job. Rather, they said they thought the quality of the PS3 was such that people would think "I will get a second job to own one." That's very different from telling people, "if you can't afford one, get a second job."

Microsoft was the one that talked about Toy Story graphics, not Sony.

The PS4 never had drm, and was never gonna be more than $400.

Let's get these things right, shall we?

Godmars2902608d ago

When Sony made "their" comment it was one man, one high up, saying something off the cuff with little thought or consideration. That cost him his job.

With MS on the other hand, had plenty of forewarning when several of their execs said what they did in attempted damage control.

Copen2608d ago

They haven't "bent" the truth they've straight up lied about numerous things.

ALLWRONG2608d ago

It's just normal anti MS FUD. It's worse now because E3 is coming up and Sony fans are afraid. N4G is the FOX news of the gaming world.

BX812608d ago

Lmao that's funny and true. N4g thrives off of rumors and scare articles for hits.

I laugh when people openly admit to watching Fox News.

3-4-52608d ago

I loved my 360, I liked the games for the original xbox even more, but I just don't trust them now.

They are too fake and they use too many fake corporate words that don't really mean anything at all.

* They are in the business of making you think A, when it's really B.

Not just's how big business in America is run, but ACTUAL intelligent people see right through it.

* I tried to pretend everything was cool last gen but there are MAYBE 2-3 games from last gen for xbox 360 that I'd ever even want to play again.

Most were reliant upon an online community that no-longer exists for said games.

HonestDragon2608d ago

Very true. The Xbox One reveal conference, E3 2013, and the interviews and information that followed spelled disaster for the Xbox One at launch. Microsoft left a bad impression on many people. Quite a number of those people were Xbox 360 owners. People in rural areas, armed forces, and even entire countries were shunned from Microsoft with what they had planned for the new generation. 2013 was not a good year for Microsoft's Xbox brand.

Now, while many of the policies they originally had for the Xbox One and the damage control being done from last year has settled, I do agree with you in that buzzwords and certain tag lines are ridiculous. It is predominantly a Western thing. Many companies do it in an effort to make their product seem like it's better than what media outlets say.

That being said, the Xbox One is in much better shape than it was last year. Are there still issues? Without a doubt. Does that mean that Microsoft can't address them and do something about them? Of course not. They have the chance to turn things around.

While making a Kinect-less SKU console was a step in the right direction (considering how bad of a reputation Kinect has and no one wanted a forced peripheral in the first place), I have read a lot of comments from first day buyers that are sore about it. Namely, if they had just waited, they could have spent less and play their Xbox One without a forced Kinect. We shall see tomorrow at E3 if they can get back into the race, but they still a ways to go.

Cueil2608d ago

how dare you bring intelligent and informative post here to N4G DISLIKE!!!!!1!1!1111!!!!eleven !!!

miyamoto2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

M$ has brought everything I hated into console gaming!!!

Money hatting
Media buyout
Stealing exclusives by bribery instead of

Over commercialism
Celebrities Star Power in gaming???
the usual casual tropes
Justin Bieber
Hype train
Hollywood style Sensationalism
Sales figures obsession instead of games

Project Natal Milo smokes and mirrors
lies, lies, and more lies

Their money was used for all the wrong reasons and brought in more harm more than ever.

Now the gamers say STOP!

Matt6662607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

People who write these articles have they actually even played on a Xbox One, it a great console, also before anyone thinks I a fanboy, I have both a PS4 and Xbox One and I enjoy the exclusive games on both. Yes every company makes mistakes and yes as a consumer you have the right to complain and moan but only if you own that console. Then if they don't change anything stop supporting them.

Azzanation2607d ago

The problem with kids today is that they don't understand the industry. They believe gaming consoles will be around forever. Sad truth is in time there's not going to be a point in consoles. Everything is becoming multi functional devices. What MS was trying to do is implement the future with current tech while keeping gaming alive (like what Nintendo did with the Wii) In time when Smart Phones and Tablets and TVs can run games better then Ryss and Infamous then what's the point in owning a game console.

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MeliMel2608d ago

Im with both! Dont judge me. Haha....

djplonker2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

"Reports from around the world have confirmed that almost all major retailers were sold out of PlayStation 4 consoles. Within a few days of the launch of the Xbox One Microsoft tweeted stating that the Xbox One was sold out across the globe"

day one edition anyone?

lol desperate lying to make the system seem more popular XD

harrisk9542608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Day One editions of the XB1 are STILL in stock on Amazon (U.S.)!!

I mean, really?? MS is the master of spin and this time, it blew up in their face. There have been so many issues with MS and the XB1 since the reveal, it is almost comical. Sony may have had a few blunders with the launch of PS3 (price, get a second job, etc.), but it pales in comparison to MS's gaffs. So, MS reversed policy on everything that made the XB1 different from the PS4... Spin it to say "We are listening to our customers" blah, blah, blah... It is because of sales and getting their butts kicked by Sony. All of this may have been the leadership at the time (Balmer, Mattrick, etc.), but no excuse. IMO, they have a lot more to prove to gain gamers' trust back.

beans2608d ago

You guys sound like you simply just don't like the Xbox brand and nothing more. I do however believe that they have a lot to prove to gamers but that's what e3 is all about. One thing I know for certain is that whatever they were at last years e3 is nothing like they're at this year's e3.

XStation2608d ago

People fails to remember that people wanted the DRM back after they took it out.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2608d ago

They are not ruining this console generation but only ruining themselves. Same goes for Nintendo with the WiiU. Sony seems to doing everything right by simply doing the exact opposite of what Microsoft wanted to do.

gamer11382608d ago

Yet out of the three Sony is the one strugling the most finanacialy. Go figure.

NerdBurglars2608d ago

sonys financial troubles are nothing to do with playstation. if anything playstation is the reason sony are still in business

F4sterTh4nFTL2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sony has no more margin for error so they are doing everything in their power to make PS4 the best console experience possible and gamers are picking up on that and hence the PS4 sales.

nucky642608d ago

and yet, while microsoft and nintendo seem to have a clear financial edge, sonys ps4 is whipping their @sses.......go figure.

see, that can work both ways.

n4rc2608d ago

In what?

The minds of fanboys? This is business boys, making money is what counts..

Ot.. Another useless article.. The only thing being ruined are the moods of fanboys that want a product to fail and it isnt

kneon2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Sony's financials are positively impacted by the PS4, the opposite is true for Microsoft and the Xb1.

That's why we periodically get Microsoft investors pushing to spin off the Xbox division, it's a drag on Microsoft financials.

eferreira2608d ago

I think all 3 have their pros and cons but Sony's playstation division still turned a profit. A huge chunk of their loss was from other divisions as well as R&D for the ps4.

styferion2608d ago

It has nothing to do with PS division, if anything PS division contributes to reduce the losses.
Also MS's huge profit came from computer software not XB division, why do you think MS's shareholder wants to spin off XB division?

gamer11382608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

To all those saying the PS4 has been a positive boost to Sony can I just say...the playstation division returned to loss for 2013-2104, the fourth time it has posted a loss in the last five years. This is fact. Hopefully moving forward the playstation division will return to profit. BUT it cannot save Sony as a whole. How long Sony can live with the Playstation division posting either a loss or a marginal profit is questionable.

Also, just imagine for one second if they hadn't made PS plus mandatory for PS4...What would the loss be like then for the division?

@nuck64 that is a way you can spin it yes. The question becomes how sustainable is that business model? The only thing I can say to that is it's a race to see who blinks first. Will MS keep throwing money at xbox and wait for Sony to really struggle financially? OR will MS throw in the towel and be content with 2nd place(those who think the x1 won't pull ahead of the WiiU are some kind of crazy) and leave Sony to dominate.

@Keon. MS gaming division posts £800 million profit for 2013-2014. Sony posts $80million loss and in your head PS4 makes sony money, X1 loses MS money. Take off those shades.

It's all business and I think that's where Sony rises and falls. They have great artistic passion and want to make great games no matter what, which is great! But when you can't balance your books and your business as a whole begins to fail you have to remember you're in it to make money and right now, Sony and PS need to start making profit.

To quote Blade Runner "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long"

Also, this is way off topic here. Just responding to comments.

Mikeyy2608d ago


Get real dude. You know full well the Xbox "Brand" hasn't made a dime of profit since inception.

All the R&D on top of the ludicrous advertising budget Microsoft has ensures all potential profit gets eaten up.

The Xbox survives on the grace of windows money. This is a fact from financial sheets.

Phatty2608d ago

And also out of the three, Sony is the only one with nothing negative to say about their gaming division. So people resort to taking pot shots at the companies overall financials.

I personally think that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to Sony, they needed a restructuring desperately. They are looking to profit from it after the next wave of losses due to a horrid PC business etc..

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harrisk9542608d ago

You do realize that Sony's PS division is the most profitable division for Sony... It is the TV and computer divisions that hurt Sony, not their gaming interests. Read up on it, rather than just spouting some nonsense. You may want to consider applying for a job at Fox News.

snookiegamer2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


LMAO Fox News, loool that's awesome!!

Bill O'Reily is looking for interns for his 'Factor' spin show, maybe he could spread his propaganda there?


Microsoft is ruining this gen for themselves, so don't worry, Nintendo & Sony will be fine. Both Consoles existed just fine without MS entering the market...go figure?

Some fan boys are so jaded ;/

xxLuckyStrike2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Sony sat back an waited to see what MS was going to do then ran in the other direction. Sony put 8gb ram last minute to counter M$ 8gb. Since launch Sony hasn't exactly been cranking out new exclusives. No NEW eye popping games come to mind. You got Another Killzone another infamous, Drive club was significantly delayed. Uncharted and god of war are rumored once again. Sony now charges for online. Point is WHEN MS makes another gears halo or forza I don't wanna here shit from all the Sony Fan boys. They Come in articles High fiving bros and patting each other on the back, Going on how Sony does no wrong an hope for Xbox to fail. TBH Sony has ZERO room for errors or its their last PS. Give credit to Sony for being the gamers best buddy while MS blundered. Also Credit MS for cleaning house an ditching the cracked out business model and getting back to what made them successful last Gen. An gamers who told me HELL NO