Final Fantasy Type-0 English Translation Trailer

A trailer to get the hype up for the english patch all the Final Fantasy fans been waiting for!
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Snookies122499d ago

I keep hearing news of this, but the official site of the translation doesn't show any updated news. Is it really coming out today?

goku2499d ago

On his twitter page he said it will be between today or tomorrow:

cleft52499d ago

I am really glad the fans did what Square Enix refused to do, but it is completely disgusting that Square Enix just didn't translate the game themselves. Japanese companies need to be smarter about how they market and sell their games in the West, because simply not bringing a game to the West for fear of poor sales is just stupid. Poor sales is better than no sales and selling a game isn't always the highest priority. Getting exposure for the game in the West can help grow the franchise overtime.

Look at Demon's Souls, that game was completely niche but it was more popular than the King's Field series. This is important because Demon's Souls roots are based in the King's Field games, games that didn't sale crazy well but built up a cult following overtime. Then Demon's Souls comes out in the same vain as the King's Field games, just great refined, and the cult following for those games migrate to Demon's Souls and becomes evangelist for the game. I heard about Demon's Souls from a friend of a friend who heard about it from some other source. I fell in love with Demon's Souls and put over a 1000 hours into it easily. I push the hell out of that game everywhere. Word of mouth grew and grew for Demon's Souls. Than Dark Souls drops and the game becomes a big success and now Dark Souls 2 is a commercial success.

That didn't happen overnight, it took close to a decade but a company has to think long-term. Otherwise they end up struggling like Capcom, Sega, and Square Enix. These companies have got to start think long-term and not just about how much one game will make when it is released initially. Nintendo thinks long-term and that's why they survive. Sony thinks long-term and thats why they are on top right now. Microsoft is clearly thinking long-term with the removal of Kinect right now.

The video game industry isn't a race, it's a marathon. Sega, Square Enix, and Capcom need to get their act together and start thinking long-term.

Lucreto2499d ago

Then at E3 SE announce a western release for the Vita.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2499d ago

Doubtful. A lot of Japanese companies have been hating good ideas and money. Oh well, guess I'll buy the next call of duty if I can't spend this $60 on type 0

trickman8882499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

"Then at E3 SE announce a western release for the Vita. "

>Implying that SE actually makes smart decisions

All my lol's.

Even in the off chance it were to get an official western release, they'd probably put it on IOS or Android. Knowing them.

djplonker2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Yeah they are actually giving type 0 away free with every copy of the final fantasy 7 remake thats coming soon!

(also included is a playable demo of half life 3 and the last guardian)


indyman77772499d ago

Why you playing with me djplonker! You trying to give me a heart attack? You said, and I quote (okay I'm retyping) : FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE that's coming soon!!!

Where can I read up on this, or are you just some sick torture person that likes to torment me!

djplonker2499d ago

sorry man was just making a point it pains me as much as you trust me ;)

Gigus2499d ago

Already got my JP copy and its been waiting for the day the patch comes out :)

trenso12499d ago

I am so excited I'm just upset my psp broke a month ago but I'm buying a new one soon and I will be enjoying this game for the rest of my summer

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