The Most Rage Inducing Mario Kart 8 Items

Mike from Mii-gamer:

Items are the key to online success in Mario Kart 8. Being blessed with the right item at the right time often determines the outcome of the Race. However, items are a double edge sword; sure they can help you, but do not forget that they can be used against. A large part of what makes the series so memorable, are the fits of anger and rage – where profanities are yelled across the room, where bonds are broken and friendships tested. It’s no secret that the items play a large role in making these memories. With this said, here are the most rage inducing Mario kart 8 items.

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tinkypop2505d ago

think the best rage was 1st till half way round last lap.
hit with a combo of, blue shell, 2 reds and green.
all finished off with a star.
1st to 11th in 5seconds...

ChickeyCantor2505d ago

Blue shell isn't even that terrible in this one. It's the green shells mostly imo. They hit you out of nowhere.

randomass1712505d ago

YEAH! I can't stand the green shells. The chance of avoiding them is so slim because they're as big as the karts and there is no warning whatsoever when they're coming at you. Blue shells really don't seem to stun the player for nearly as long as they did in MK7.

ChickeyCantor2505d ago

And blue shell can hit any other character as it's not flying.