15 Announcements That Won't Happen At E3 2014

Fifteen announcements not likely to happen at the E3 2014 that would've made it way more awesome.

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MrSwankSinatra2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

So many errors in this freaking article.

showtimefolks2500d ago

fallout 4 will happen

Shenmue series will be brought back by sony

The last Guardian will most likely open the show for sony's e3 conference

a new RDR not sure but i believe the original RDR will be brought out for pc,ps4 and xbox one(R* are suppose to announce something at E3 so who knows)

the name Agent will be used at a e3 conference

MrSwankSinatra2500d ago

I was referring to the grammatical errors in the article.

showtimefolks2500d ago


hey i am sorry, i was trying to post it as my own comment but accidentally replied to your comment. Those are games i think will show up at E3 2014

hello122500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Really Last Guardian? IGN is now reporting it was cancelled, not surprising in the least, no game takes 8 years to make, sorry. Come back to reality Sony fans.

johndoe112112500d ago


You know what's not surprising in the least to me? That you hang onto every word of ign

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iamnsuperman2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I agree with the following:

Kinect title: I wouldn't expect any "proper" kinect games from Microsoft or any third party in the near future. Kinect Sports Rivals did so bad it is too much of a risk to make a kinect only title. It proved people are not interested in gaming with the Kinect.

VR release date: A release date for the VR headset would be a stretch. I can see them publically testing it (at events) for a few more months and announce a release date at the same conference they revealed it at.

Backward compatibility: I also don't think the One or the PS4 will ever have backward compatibility. I don't think it is even possible on these machines (not powerful enough)

But I disagree with:

Vita price cut: I think the Vita will get a price cut. I feel it will fit within the rumour of a PS4 PS Vita bundle

Clown_Syndr0me2500d ago

IM with you there.
Im actually a Kinect fan, but not for gaming. I use it in the same way id use a webcam on my PC; Skype, video editing etc. Oh and voice commands.
The only game I use it for is Just Dance with the family, and my partner uses it for Xbox Fitness. I don't think it would be worth using E3 time to promote Kinect only titles.

weekev152500d ago

15 announcements that qont happen? And this got approved. I could tell you loads of stuff that isnt gonna happen at e3. Michael Jordan aint gonna turn up and bounce a 3 pointer off Phil Spencers head, Reggie aint gonna announce that Mario and Luigi arent brothers they are in fact lovers. They arent gonna solve world peace or cure cancer. Does this now make me a gaming journalist? Smh

WeAreLegion2500d ago

GDI Gamingbolt! Too many ads on the mobile site.

DualWielding2500d ago

I do think they'll announce local emulation of PSOne/2 in PS4

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