Amazon / Bestbuy – Game Sales Extravaganza

Amazon and Bestbuy are kicking off their weekly deals, Xbox One games from $20-30.00, many digital titles nearly half off. PS4/Vita bundle, and the Kinect-less Xbox One now on-sale.

Bestbuy, get PS Plus for $39.99, 55' HDTV under $500.00 and much more.

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Akira20202739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Who would've thought COD is now $19 just over 6 months after its release. So much for the A.I. fish.

famoussasjohn2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Lol yeah, it's been dropping in price for the last month or so. They had the digital copy for $25 a few weeks ago which was the 'gold' version that offered all the maps and such. Not surprised though, it's the worst one to date.

Wescyde2739d ago

I don't think i have ever seen a COD title drop to this price this fast, and even worse its the X1 version as well.

blackblades2739d ago

I'll probably hop on that $39 ps+ instead of waiting on a spend $50 receive $10 back promo with my sub expiring next month.

zeroskie2739d ago

I wouldn't exactly call this an extravaganza...

Xof2739d ago

I just got Kirby Triple Deluxe for $29.
Also noticed Killzone Shadowfall is about half off on Amazon, which I didn't see in the sales pages.