Rare gold Nintendo cart for sale on eBay

The seller wants $15,000 for this cart, which is one of 26 given away by Nintendo through a Nintendo Power contest 1990.

25 were given to first prize winners and the 26th was given to the grand prize winner along with a tour of Nintendo HQ.

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Ravenator5294448d ago

Some things aren't worth sh1t!

joemutt4448d ago

You just take the amount of the highest bidder, and write that down.

While you may not get your worth out of it practically, to say it is not worth sh!t when its going for 15 grand is nonsense.

I thought it was Zelda at first! Remember back in the days, the Zelda cartridge was gold!! AAAHHH Memory lane.

BIadestarX4448d ago

I don't like Nintendo that much. $100 would be too much for me.