Mario Kart 8 Is The Kick In The Pants Nintendo Needed For The Wii U | CBS Review

After nearly a week of playing Mario Kart 8, it appears this entry is the best to come out of the two decades of the game. Nintendo has shown it is more than capable of showcasing what its systems can do through its first party titles.

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colonel1792505d ago

Amazing game! I am having a lot of fun with it. It's great that you do win with skill with a little bit of luck, unlike Mario Kart Wii which you only won by luck.

This is a game that I wish it had DLC. I would love to see new tracks, characters and karts. The next MK will probably take at least 5 more years, so expanding the game with DLC would be great! I think Nintendo could do it right, without milking people, and giving good value.

Locknuts2505d ago

Battle arenas. If that's ALL they give us I'll be a happy man.

colonel1792505d ago

I don't play battle mode, but yeah, I think it was a bad decision to make the mode in normal tracks. Battle arenas are definitely more adequate to play.

Army_of_Darkness2505d ago


DLC is something you should never wish for... If MK8 HAD dlc I guarantee you that you would probably have 2/3 or even 1/2 the tracks your getting now on it with less characters as well. Be happy that it's actually a complete game bro.

3-4-52505d ago

The Battle mode is still good and fun, but it could have been so much better and still can be. The chance is still there.

randomass1712505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@Army_Of_Darkness Not true! Mario Golf has DLC with lots (and I mean LOTS) of golf holes for the main game. So it's a full game but the DLC gets you more than a hundred more and it gives you a small handful of playable characters. Really not so bad in comparison to the map packs that get sold for CoD games.

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TheSaint2505d ago

As good as it is I can't see one game turning it around.

RiPPn2505d ago

Game is so overrated in my opinion. Bring on the disagrees, but it doesn't hold my attention for more than 1 cup. (4 races) Maybe people can enlighten me on what is so great about this game.

FlyingFoxy2505d ago

I feel the same way about Smash Bros, game feels too basic and gets boring quickly imo, don't get the hype on that one.. But i played the hell out of MK64 back in the day.

Nevers0ft2504d ago

You're not the only one that feels like that :) I'm a "dyed in the wool" Nintendo fan and I've never understood the appeal of Smash - whatever it is that makes that game amazing eludes me. Mario Kart on the other hand, that's a totally different matter.

Systemshock22505d ago

I hate mario and some other Ninty characters, but this game is dope, fun as hell. I wont agree with repetitiveness because there are customizations, some new adorable characters and the track variety is amazing.

randomass1712505d ago

Haha I guess fun can be considered a dominating factor over appeal.

Artista 2505d ago

I could never get into Mario Kart. I tried with 8 but it's not for me. That said, I'm glad others are enjoying it. :) plus its doing wonders for Nintendo.