EA Sports UFC Roster List

The complete EA Sports UFC roster list has been officially announced. It shows there are many fan favorites and the Xbox One & PS4 MMA fighting game will have a few surprising new characters in UFC 2014!

This list of 97 confirmed playable characters shows the different weight classes the MMA fighters can battle in.

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GamerEuphoria2505d ago

No Dilashaw, no Barnet, no Sanchez, no Miocic, no Matt Brown, no Hyun Kim, no Hector Lombard, no Bagautinov.

Come on now EA, address this...along with the stupid ass 'flashy' moves in the game

LOGICWINS2505d ago

Its EA bro. We're getting all these characters later...via paid DLC :/

I think the flashy moves can stay, but there should be a bigger stamina drain for performing them.

I would've liked to play as everyone on your list (except for Sanchez, that decision half an hour ago was a joke!)

GamerEuphoria2505d ago

That decision is what i like to call 'He's American, he's local, he's won'.

Some of the exclusions are bull shit. Barnet is a historic figure in the UFC. Brown & Miocic are in title pictures and well...Dilashaw just dethroned the best pound for pound fighter...yet he's not in the offical flipping game

LOGICWINS2505d ago

Dilashaw should be a free download courtesy of EA, but they won't do it. That would make too much sense lol.

I'm honestly not too bothered by it. 97 characters is a crapload for a fighting game. I can deal with not having Brown, Dilashaw, and Lombard on disc if that means we have female fighters. Its a nice tradeoff IMO.

As of now, I'm set to buy the game Day 1. I think the last time I played a demo this much was Uncharted 1.

Krimmson2505d ago

Oh God, that decision was such a robbery. I haven't been this pissed off from a decision since... actually since Sanchez vs Gomi (who also isn't this game for some reason).

Krimmson2505d ago

I'm actually shocked that Tarec Saffiedine, who has only fought once in the UFC, gets in but not Dong-Hyun Kim, who has been in the UFC for over 6 years.

Get ready for some DLC, folks.

acemonkey2505d ago

i played the demo and its sad THQ made the better game... i know its the "demo" but over all feel was meh like i said on the forums... but thanks for releasing the demo (saved me 65 plus)

LOGICWINS2505d ago

Glad the demo helped you make your decision. It certainly helped me make mine :)

sovietsoldier2505d ago

would like more ufc legends like tank abbot, ken shame rock, steve blackman,chuck liddell,dan severn, list gos on and on.

stavrami-mk22505d ago

Chuck liddell is in the game

sovietsoldier2504d ago

didn't see him when i read it, not sure that called for down votes.

stavrami-mk22504d ago

no it didn't deserve down votes i didn't do it .although on here, ppl do down vote so they don't waste a bubble replying .

psplova2505d ago

Fedor Emelianenco, Igor Vovchanchen...

DanaBlack2505d ago

Jon Jones is OVERPOWERED in this game, he doesn't have KO power in his hands but he puts me down with one punch head OR body WTF

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