FIFA 15 Tournament Mode & Guest Play Confirmed

FIFPlay: EA Sports has officially confirmed the Tournament Mode & Guest Play in FIFA 15 for all platforms.

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jonatan2211597d ago

Yes! I really missed guest mode, and was so confused when i spent 20 mins trying to figure out why it wouldn't work on FIFA 14 while trying to play with my friend

pompombrum1596d ago

I just hope guest play is offline only. I don't really bother much with seasons but allowing two people to play together when they're good gives them a HUGE advantage when up against just a single player.

MrDreadnought1596d ago

Yeah i really missed the Guest play feature, I feel somewhat cheated, when me and my mate tried playing seasons together and there wasn't any option

Nes_Daze1596d ago

Great, hope the servers improve.

Milesprowers1596d ago

What's so fun about kicking a ball in the net and every FIFA game is exactly the same game, FIFA 15 = FIFA 14 = FIFA 13 = FIFA 12 = FIFA 11 = FIFA 10 = FIFA 09 = FIFA 08...

darren_poolies1596d ago

What is so fun about shooting guns at people for hours on end? Pew pew pew.

caseh1596d ago

It's the same old news with FIFA. EA are currently in their hype cycle, post a few screenshots, announce new 'amazing physicz' and 'oh look, features you e had before but we removed em, now we'll put them back as NEW features woot'

Reality is tweaked graphics, tweaked gameplay and updated rosters, that's it

Milesprowers1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

FIFA is a bunch of MEN playing with a BALL, no wonder it's appealing to people.

pompombrum1596d ago

Tweaked being the key word there.. Fifa has been going downhill for the last few versions in terms of gameplay.. each year they are supposed to improve it, not make it worse.

slimeybrainboy1596d ago

The next gen gen FIFA is techincally the best football game ever made, there had not been a more realistic passing/ driblling/shooting ever. AI is still weak as ever but you're just you guys are so negative it sickens me, all you want to do is moan.

There is a lot still to be done but You guys seem to have no idea how difficult it is to make a game, espically a sports game, in 12 months, on completely new hardware, with a new engine. They did a great job, and they will continue to moving forward. People don't even learn the game anymore, alot of y'all just play like scumbags.

Milesprowers1596d ago

The best Football game is obviously Sensible Soccer
for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

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Nes_Daze1596d ago

Yes, men kicking a ball around, it is called a sport, you put men in caps and ball in caps, so I take it you have an issue with men and balls?

Milesprowers1596d ago

So if it where Women, you wouldn't play it, pretty much some up Football, a Sexist-Elitist-Arrogant Game.

Nekroo911596d ago

"So if it where Women, you wouldn't play it, pretty much some up Football, a Sexist-Elitist-Arrogant Game."

so you're transexual and you arent allowed to play sports?!

or you're just weak and no one want to play with you. and because of that you talk trash about sports. makes sense....

Nes_Daze1596d ago

Wow, so basically every sport played by men is sexist? LOL, how is a sport arrogant? You sound like a butthurt modern feminist.

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jak3y13oy1596d ago

wasn't these in the games anyway!?

iistuii1596d ago

Can't wait. Fifa 14 on PS4 with the new engine is by far the best version of football I've played. It's only gonna get better with Fifa 15 as they've had time with the new ignite engine now. They rushed to get it out for next gen, so left a couple of features out but they had a year longer this time to sort out the minor niggles. If only the servers were as good as the game..