Game Girl's Top 5 Nintendo Announcements for E3 2014

Game Girl stops by SpawnFirst to give her 5 (hopeful) Nintendo announcements for E3 2014!

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Lightning Mr Bubbles2505d ago

Always like to see girls taking interest in video games, but Nintendo Wii U sucks.

crusf2505d ago

I bet that 666% increase in the UK of Wii U sales and Mario Kart 8's Universal success made you almost break your screen in anger.

Geekman2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

2013 is over. People like the Wii U. Shut the hell up.

Starbucks_Fan2505d ago

If stupidity was an illness you would be dead

BuddyAcker2505d ago

You're entitled to your opinion about the Wii U, but the really stupid half of this comment is the part about "girls taking interest in video games." Do you a) have friends, b) ever get out in public, or c) know how to use the internet other than N4G?

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mydyingparadiselost2505d ago

I want to see footage and a localization for the new Fatal Frame game. Otherwise I completely agree with this chick, ESPECIALLY about Earthbound.

isarai2505d ago

"Im a girl, and i play games, and you just gotta deal with it" really hate this obnoxious behaviour some "gamer girls" have, then they bitch that they are being treated differently. How about if you don't want to be treated differently then don't act like you're some special case

TheSaint2505d ago

Agreed, can't they just be gamers?

hazelamy2505d ago

you want obnoxious behaviour, look in the mirror.

you see "game girl" and go off on one about "girl gamers" without even watching the video.
apart from the title of her channel, being Game Girl, she never once mentioned her gender.

people like you who attack female gamers without any provocation, just because they're female are the reason for this "obnoxious behaviour" as you call it.

"they bitch that they are being treated differently"
and then you attack her for being female.

you do know what the word hypocrite means, right?

BuddyAcker2505d ago

She doesn't even try to use her sex to promote her content other than in the name, which is the same thing as someone using "SurferDude" for their Xbox Live gamertag. Your comment shows me you didn't even watch the video and are just attacking her for being a girl. You sir are a fool.

RPGrinder2505d ago

Nintendo should ACE E3. Love the video