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Jon of RGN writes, "If you would have told me that the a New IP was going to define next-generation, I would have agreed with you. But perhaps unexpectedly, Watch Dogs has managed to live up to the hype from both Sony and Ubisoft who have laid stake that very claim."

"Watch Dogs catches and holds the attention of gamers from all walks of life. Ubisoft manages to keep it fun with stunning photo-realistic graphics and fluid gameplay woven into a compelling universe full of discovery and activity. The living story is told in this game and provokes powerful thinking about many topics we face today as a modern society. Watch Dogs is a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true and in the age of enlightenment a powerful experience to show people a thrilling fictional tale with hints and bits of reality spliced in."

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Retroman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

conspiracy , enlightenment, all seeing eye ???? are they sublimenally saying jesuit and illuminati part of this game ???

user14394142509d ago

WatchDogs has a lot of hidden signs and symbols and deep symbolism what a lot of people will overlook without stopping and looking into the real meaning of it. Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed because you never know whats going to happen next on watchdogs. Video games use a lot of predictive programming and this is one of the games what will blow your mind wide open and leave you amazed once u realise its true potential.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law.

Misterhon2509d ago

10/10?? No way Watchdogs is an 10/10 game!

DragonKnight2509d ago

The Illuminati disagree with you.

BattleN2509d ago

Money makes the world goround, I just happen to live in this cruel world! If there is a God I have many questions and am at his mercy! If there is no god, I don't have anything to worry about as after I die I'll no longer exist! The question is what is true?

user14394142509d ago

The flesh prevaileth and a great Church shall be builded,consecrated in its name.No longer shall man's salvation be dependent on his self-denial.And it will be known that the world of the flesh and of the living shall be the greatest preparation for any and all eternal delights #SonyMakeBelieve

Retroman2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

@ Dragon knight .............................. ........... either you're part of them jesuit / illuminati or ignorant to real life facts of what really going on,they involve in everything that happens .

starchild2509d ago

No game IS a 10/10, as there are always going to be differences of opinion.

Dudebro902509d ago

Sorry but if you give this game a ten you need to raise your standards. Watch dogs is a good game but its not a 10.

Geekman2509d ago

Only problems I've had are framerate drops once every millennium.

starchild2509d ago

It's all opinion, dude.

SolidDuck2509d ago

I like watch dogs a lot more than it seems most people do. It's no 10 though. It's a solid 8 for me.

starchild2509d ago

Nah, lots of reviewers have given this game a 9+. I personally would give it about a 9.

TGR2509d ago

A solid 6.5 for me. From my experiences it was buggy, lifeless and a bit dull.

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