EA Sports UFC Could Be 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One

Great news for PS4 owners: it looks like EA is investigating into creating disparity between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of EA Sports UFC when the game launches in two weeks.

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NatureOfLogic_2505d ago

I really think the Xbox One version is holding back the PS4 version. Parity most likely.

lets_go_gunners2505d ago

"They were looking at whether or not we could have the PS4 [version run] at a higher resolution," ..."but whether or not their investigations were successful? I don't know at this time." Doesn't sound like parity to me. And no dev aims for parity if it can do 1080p it will.

Army_of_Darkness2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

It does seem like EA is kinda holding back the ps4 versions from reaching 1080p on purpose just to stay on MS's good side and avoid resolution drama from the fans... I can understand that in a business perspective, but as a gamer I find it very disappointing to see....
We will see how the witcher 3 turns out on the ps4 as to whether or not it will run in 1080p because if it does, lol, well EA is gonna have some explaining to do;-)

jackanderson19852505d ago

And what exactly are you basing that on? Has any game so far this gen been held back on the PS4 due to some parity clause ? Pretty sure the majority if not all third party games have been performing better on the PS4.

DF did there analysis on a demo. Game spot did an interview geared towards PS4. William usher is a known MS hater in every sense of the word. Final game I can see both as 1080p30fps but even at 900p30fps still a good looking game. My only issue is that on easy it's unbelievably easy as in a 14 second win easy

rdgneoz32505d ago

Day one patches are not unusual, and graphics disparity seems to be the norm so far. In the end, it's not an open world game so it shouldn't be too hard to hit 1080p on either system.

NatureOfLogic_2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

BF4(900p 60fps, EA)- launch title, multplat
Watch Dogs(900p 30fps, Ubisoft)- Open world, multplat
EA Sports UFC(900p 30fps, EA)- ???? multplat

That's three games sub 1080p on PS4. Two being from EA. What is UFC doing to put itself into that small group of games that can't do 1080p? Nothing about the gameplay looks demanding compared to other AAA games. My point is 900p is far from the standard on PS4.

jackanderson19852505d ago

@rg i know day one patches aren't uncommon these days I was just pointing out it's a demo of a game not released for another 20 days give or take. That's assuming the demo was done on its release day

@argu not sure what the point in bringing those in they all still exceed the Xbox one versions and the point I was making was that the Xbox hasn't held back the ps4 yet so why would this game do it

No_Limit2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@ArgumentumAdPopulum ,

Nice pick and about adding in other multiplat games like COD Ghost, Assassin's Creed 4, Need For Speed Rival, NBA 2k14, Trial, Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein also. Here we go with the conspiracy again. smh

NatureOfLogic_2505d ago

@ jack, I think EA is aiming for parity instead of using PS4 extra power to avoid resolution talks. That's where my ideal of Xbox One holding PS4 back comes from. Is it because of their very obvious partnership with MS? who knows.

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No_Limit2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

LOL, William Usher strikes again. I am shock he would come up with another outrages article like this again.

I am downloading both demo now and will see it for myself...thank you very much. But I would think both will be similar.

Skate-AK2505d ago

If you read the DF analysis, it says the PS4 version is better. Better anti-aliasing. PS4 has 4x msaa, while Xbox one has 2x msaa. If they end up boosting the resolution on PS4 to 1080p, you'll notice the difference. Most likely will eliminate all aliasing.

Flutterby2505d ago

I would also think that if the games don't look the same and the ps4 does look better, you would still say they look the same, because you would probably have a break down if you had to admit every multiplat does look better.

No_Limit2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

@Flutterby ,

Stop stalking me and troll on all my comments like a puppy. Go play some of those superior third party ports on PS4 or something. LOL

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Future_20152505d ago

Every year games get more and more demanding, these consoles cannot keep up as their hardware stays the same and to be honest both consoles have pretty low end GPUs for 2014

XtraTrstrL2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

PS4's GPU would still be mid-tier. And any current mid-tier GPU that could be used to it's fullest potential with code developed and optimized specifically for it on an ever-evolving SDK - can do amazing things for a few years to come.

Factor in the unified hUMA style GDDR5 and soon-to-be-standard GPGPU computing with the altered GPU made specifically for it in the PS4, and then the possibilities get even crazier.

XiSasukeUchiha2505d ago

Parity is real sorry to say:( but enjoy your game everyone:)

MeliMel2505d ago

Hahaha, so you playing the parity card huh? How, when most multiplats are better on PS4 as is. If its being held back blame the devs not Xbox One.

AngelicIceDiamond2505d ago

All the fanboys think its parity which is stupid.

They think The crew is aiming for parity because both run 1080p 30 frames and to them its impossible and unbelievable the X1 is doing it.

They believe the 30 frames is what's "holding back the PS4" Need For Speed is 30 frames Parity! The Crew is 30 frames Parity!

Drive Club is 30 frames Par!...oh wait a minute FH2 is 30 frames oh...


elhebbo162505d ago

Dont get pissed when someone tells you consoles are holding back PC, 900p is already enough of a difference but you still want to go there and say the Xbox One is holding back the PS4? especially on a SPORTS game thats not even that graphic intensive? dude you think too highly of your console.

Magicite2505d ago

game looks like shit and runs like open world watch dogs scale game? GIMME A BREAK!

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incendy352505d ago

I just downloaded the demo on both consoles, they literally look and play identical. Only real difference is you can multitask while playing on the X1.

MasterCornholio2505d ago

Thats a feature of the OS not the game.


incendy352505d ago

I use it as a feature of the game. Like to Skype my friends when I play so I can see their defeat!

SmokingMonkey2505d ago

If i was going to play this game I could record the past fifteen minutes on my PS4 instead of just five minutes on the would still be the same though.

dantesparda2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Hm, how not surprising that incendy35, found no differences aside from snap. Typical. Keep shilling brother.

Flutterby2505d ago

Except it is already proven they don't look identical because ps4 has better AA derp.

dale_denton2505d ago

lol who wants to multitask while playing a fighting game? wtf.. you sound stupid

Spotie2505d ago

I just read your comment, and it's literally BS.

SuperBlunt2505d ago

umm multitasking on the ps4 floors the xbox ones which is why they used the simpler format for a ui

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Lawboy22505d ago

I thought it was confirmed a long time ago to be running 1080p 60 on both

N82505d ago

I thought is was as well I only downloaded the ps4 version thinking they where the same .

jackanderson19852505d ago

Thought it was just 1080p confirmed. This is a demo after all and as they plaster on the starting screen not a final representation of the game

SuperBlur2505d ago

no , they never confirmed 60 , where have you read this ?

Lawboy22505d ago

Sorry should have been. 30 mistake

LOGICWINS2505d ago

60fps was never confirmed for this game. Its always been 30fps. I cant believe that 3 people agreed with you.

As expected, this comment section will be filled with primarily resolution warriors as opposed to people who are actually interested in this game.


Mrtemper2505d ago

Rofl @ Resolution Warriors

And somehow I disagreed with bad.

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Bonkerz2505d ago

The funny thing is nobody at all knew the demo wasn't 1080P until it was found out. In fact you can go look at their twitter and see messages to them from users on the PS4 talking about how beautiful the game is and how this is a true "next gen" experience. This should be the exact proof that is needed to debunk this resolution crap. The game somehow looked so beautiful to the gamers until people found out it wasnt 1080P lol. For the record i have played it on both an X1 and a PS4 and if you say either one looks better you are absolutely lying. They look identical, the gameplay is exactly the same as well. Play the game not the resolution.

LOGICWINS2505d ago

Ive been playing the demo for three hours each day since Tuesday. Not ONCE did the game resolution or frames per second pop into my mind. I was too busy having a blast with the game.

This resolution fiasco has overstayed its welcome. It never ceases to amaze me how pathetic some people are. The game plays and looks great. Thats what matters.

Gamer7772505d ago

You are right. People just bicker over resolution cause they are told by a journalist that there is a disparity, then freak out when a game is not 1080p.

lifeisgamesok2505d ago

Great point Bonkers!

It's a shame people are resorting to numbers to determine whether a game looks good or not

Most can't even make out 1080p from other resolutions