Why Wii U is Better than you Think

The Wii U has faced harsh criticism for it's lack of power and mature content compared to its competition. It makes up for its flaws with innovative gameplay and a solid lineup of current and upcoming first-party titles. It sets itself apart from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by offering backwards compatibility and putting strong emphasis on local multiplayer. Its a console that dares to be different and refuses to follow the pack, offering a truly unique gaming experience.

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BattleN2509d ago

WiiU is good, more games are needed is all! :)

Orbilator2509d ago

Amen to that. More games for sure and a decent original Zelda game

KonsoruMasuta2509d ago

What I want is a Pokémon: Coliseum and Pokémon: XD Gale of Darkness HD collection.
Add in online and sell it for $40 to $50.

wonderfulmonkeyman2509d ago

Toss in a new Pokemon Snap sequel to really make use of that gamepad, and we'd have one hell of a Poke-party going on!

BoneBone2509d ago

Has loads to play already. It's the top console to buy in 2014 as most X1 & PS4 games have been pushed back to 2015.

sungin2509d ago

I’m a lot more impressed with the graphical quality of Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World than I am with Watch Dogs.thats true

SnakePlissken2509d ago

Same here! That's why those 2 games are part of my collection and watch dogs has been put up on eBay already! That was a complete waste of my $60.

wonderfulmonkeyman2509d ago

Different art styles do make quite the difference when you're used to grayed-out gritty realism, that's for sure.

thehobbyist2509d ago

HD 1GB GPUs are in the PS4/XBONE. What do they use it for?
Getting the most shades of gray they can out of them.

randomass1712509d ago

And it's worth noting that cartoony art styles tend to age much better than realistic ones. That's why when you go back to Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, you gotta love the look of it as oppose to more realistic looking games at the time.

kwandar2509d ago

Watch Dogs on Wii U should be great actually with the gamepad. Maybe even better graphics.

Geekman2509d ago

Watch Dogs looks pretty good, but I don't know. Something about Super Mario games in HD....

ChickeyCantor2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

I did wish Nintendo would use some AA. On the gamepad it looks very pretty. But on my 52' tv the jaggies are obviously present.

It's not a big deal but it would give people with bigger screens an ease on the eyes.

Super Mario 3D World looked fine though, I think it's more noticable in MK8 because of displacement speed of scenery and the complexity of geometry.

iplay1up22509d ago

Hmmm, I don't see "jaggies" in fact it looks super smooth. That is on my 60" T.V. So its not the size of the TV.

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Summons752509d ago

Never doubted it for a minute! Lots of great games and more on the way :)

Spooney3232509d ago

My Wii U is just fine. Games are gonna propel this system to new heights and we'll find out just how high when E3 comes around next week. My fingers are crossed are yours ?

BattleN2509d ago

My toes are! I also eat lucky charms just in case!

randomass1712509d ago

Can't get much luckier than that! :P

Joey_Leone2509d ago

You Nintendo fans are way too fruity lol.

randomass1712509d ago

Fruity? Son, I'll be taking some grapes and melons with my punch. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have some kool-aid whilst I play some Dark Souls.

player0022509d ago

Just got one yesterday it's very good does lots of different things very well .MK 8 is the reason I got one what a game multiplayer is awesome with game pad

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