Power Stone Inspired Brawler Combat Core Struggling On Kickstarter

Julie Morley writes: "Combat Core is an arena-based brawler with tons of options. Players can go at it 1v1 or up to 4v4. There are several original characters to choose from, however, players are able to customize a character with favorable traits for the playing style they want. There's an array of weaponry and skills players can utilize to go head to head in the arena and with the funding provided, the developer will be able to broaden games' scope significantly."

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WeAreLegion2126d ago

Power Stone, you say? I need to cancel all my credit cards before I accidentally give them all my money.

XisThatKid2126d ago

Impulse Backer!!! I just committed, I want this on Vita though. Still though I'll stick with the Ouya if it never gets to major consoles.

twdll2126d ago

Bring it. Power Stone 1 and 2 were fantastic.

Pillsbury12126d ago

Anybody else remember outrigger? Or alien front?

God I love the dreamcast.

we4202126d ago

I loved Outtrigger!!! I only had the demo though :(

fatneal2126d ago

ive been clamoring for a powerstone sequel or remake in hd for years...ill have to check this allegedly similar game out