Can Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain “Win” E3 2014?

CraveOnline: "It’s amusing to think of Shigeru Miyamoto as a primary influence on Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima. Though a professed admirer of the Mario creator’s work, the two men couldn’t be more different outside of their penchant for making fantastic videogames. Miyamoto is the modest genius who lives a simple life and works in his garden (which gave him the idea for Pikmin), while Kojima, though certainly a humble guy in interviews, has an obvious flair for the dramatic. I’d imagine that’s a prerequisite for someone who describes his next game as one that offers “limitless gameplay,” almost as nonchalantly as if it were a footnote or tacked-on feature. “Oh, yes, we decided to toss in ‘limitless gameplay’ this year. Finally got around to that.”"

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Yi-Long2501d ago

Maybe, but obviously it depends on what else is shown. I think a new Red Dead trailer/presentation would have a bigger impact, also because we've already seen quite a bit of what we can expect from the new MGS?

... and if Shenmue 3 is shown, Shenmue 3 will win. Simple as that.

ZodTheRipper2501d ago

The megaton scale this year is probably something like that:
Shenmue 3 > The Last Guardian > Project Beast > Agent > Red Dead 2 > Zelda U > MGS 5
So no, the chances that MGS5 takes the cake are pretty low this year.

Kingthrash3602501d ago

Uncharted4...should be on your list IMO...
That said great list.

ZodTheRipper2501d ago

^Yes actually there are many games missing there :D
Even though I'm extremely excited for MGS5 we could see countless interesting announcements this year.

crxss2501d ago

MGS TPP will win E3 2014 in the content department. I don't think Uncharted 4 will show that much.

bennissimo2501d ago

MGS V "win" E3?

No chance. I can't think of a less worthy game. Never mind the fact that the only ones winning E3 will be multiconsole gamers. :)

XxExacutionerxX2501d ago

XBOX ONE will Win E3!!!!

(Believe in the cloud)

Allsystemgamer2501d ago

It can't even win the wallets of gamers. How the hell is it supposed to win the biggest gaming event?

knifefight2501d ago

When companies show great games (and they actually come to market), the real winner is me. :D

Omar912501d ago

I'm not sure, depends on what Kojima has up his sleeve in the 30 min demonstration/ 5 min trailer for MGSV.

It's weird that I'm more interested in 3rd party games this E3 then I am with The big 3 conferences. I'm looking forward to seeing MGSV hopefully a reveal of RDR2, some new info on the Division and something exciting for Destiny. Halo is also on my radar and so is sun set over drive but not as much as the third party games.

I'm a little worried about Sony's presentation mostly because I have a feeling they will focus to much on Morpheus and not enough on games. But only time will tell. 2 more days!

GrandpaSnake2501d ago

I remember a time when kojima and his team would be the only games to look forward too. Every single developer has learned from kojima. I am so surprised how a lot of the younger gamers totally disregard the metal gear series. Metal gear games have set the standards for both graphics and game play mechanics for decades.
The only other games i can see winning e3 over metal gear would be uncharted, last guardian, ff15,destiny.

SuperBlunt2501d ago

Mgs5 already won by announcing its presence lol

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The story is too old to be commented.