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There has been a lot of coverage for Ubisoft’s Watchdogs over the last week or two and I’ve been both slightly surprised and thoroughly depressed by a lot of the coverage it received. The game itself has received more than its fair share of criticism, and for the most part I just don’t see why.

Perhaps my standards are just a bit lower than my fellow journalists, but that seems unlikely, as any who have read or viewed much of my previous offerings over the last two years will attest. Really, Paul Izod was pre-disposed not to like Watch Dogs, he really was. The game itself is heavily influenced by Ubisoft’s opus Assassin’s Creed, understandably. The thing is, Paul has had no interest in that series since he became mind-numbingly bored with it mid-way through Assassin’s Creed II; a stance that was only further entrenched by a foray into Assassin’s Creed III. A debate on that series is best left for another time, but suffice to say the fact that Watch Dogs was reputed to be heavily reminiscent of the Creed titles was hardly acting as a recommendation in his eyes.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2499d ago

You're not going to see why people hate it if you play on PS4 since it runs pretty great on PS4. Xbox One version apparently has problems and the PC version does too so you'll see a lot of hate for the game from people who got either of those two versions. Of course on the PC side it's mainly due to people who have anything AMD.

FaultyPixel2499d ago

The review was done based on an Xbox One copy of the game...