Assassin’s Creed Unity: Four Assassins Revealed by E3 Banner: Hint to Co-Op Campaign?

An interesting picture emerged from E3, showing a group of four assassins placed on a giant banner used by Ubisoft to advertise the game.

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claud32501d ago

So that is why it is called Assassin's Unity

iamnsuperman2501d ago

In a way I hope not. Co-op campaigns really depends on the community (I doubt AC U will be local co-op) and for a big franchise like AC finding good people will be hard. I would rather they concentrate on adding new gameplay mechanics like a new stealth mechanic....than looking at the multiplayer aspect

Aces172501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You don't know anyone else that would buy the game?

iamnsuperman2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Not to play with. If was organising that type of thing I would go round and see them (since work gets in the way).

-Foxtrot2501d ago

I hope it dosen't purley for the fact it has an online mode

Why waste more time doing a story mode built around co-op

Seriously Ubisoft need to tone it down, the game sells a shit load anyway they don't need to try and play every corner otherwise your going to mess it up.

If you like online stuff with your friends you have the multiplayer, if you enjoy single play you have the main campaign.

Don't cross the beams Ubisoft.

fallacious2501d ago

Maybe it's not for co-op campaign. Maybe its a purely single player campaign where you can control different Assassins similar to controlling Franklin, Trevor and Michael in GTA V.

ironfist922501d ago

I would prefer co-op specific missions separate to the SP imo.

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Nes_Daze2501d ago

Don't care for online co-op, I was hoping for local, oh well.

PaleMoonDeath2501d ago

As long as it doesn't mess with my single player offline experience, I'm fine with it.

RiPPn2501d ago

I hope there is a co-op campaign similar to that of the one in Far Cry 3. It was so much fun and really had nothing to do with the single player experience. Most fun I've had with multiplayer in a long while.

Ghost_Nappa2501d ago

"campaign" is a strong word for that. Horde mode arenas with score attack minigames is what far cry 3 had

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The story is too old to be commented.