Rumor on the Future of Star Wars: The old Republic

What could happen in the future of SWTOR? That’s probably a question that many fans of the games speculates. Here is a rumor that is worth checking out.

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user14394142501d ago

Hopefully it becomes a PLAYSTATION exclusive. XoXoXo

pompombrum2501d ago

Lol @ the disagree, anyone who has spent a good amount of time playing will know it's not suitable for consoles. The amount of abilities for all the classes alone would make it impossible to play using a controller. You then have the fact the game engine is a piece of garbage that would be an absolute nightmare to port over.

RamboRabbi2501d ago

I play PC mostly but I do know that the ps4 is compatible or is going to be compatible with keyboard n mouse so the controller won't be an issue. The game was doomed as soon as it went f2p anyway.

Mr_Writer852501d ago

There are already MMOs on consoles such as Final Fantasy and DC and they also have lots of character abilities.

And they cope no problem.

choujij2501d ago


I play SW:TOR with my DualShock 4 using Xpadder button mappings.

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MrDreadnought2501d ago

Jesus, I am a PS4 owner, but quit the yacking about turning everything to a playstation exclusive, and the same goes to xbox...

Lets all just be civilised and try to bring as much games to the console universe.

orakle442501d ago

Why would you hope it would only be a PS exclusive? Dont you guys understand that multi-plats are better for everyone, more revenue for devs = more better quality games for all of us. This fanboyism is going to kill the very thing you love.

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andreasx2501d ago

I just hope this comes out on ps4, i want to play SWTOR on consoles so badly :'(

Clown_Syndr0me2501d ago

I don't think it would work, although the Playstation does support keyboard and mouse.
I think they should release an official PS Keyboard &Mouse and then developers could take that into consideration and we could see more PC like games on consoles.

orakle442501d ago

It would work out just fine. There are MMO's on consoles that do just fine. There is no reason that this wouldn't work too.

OtakuDome2501d ago

I doubt they're cancelling it, if anything it's going to be a console port.

pompombrum2501d ago

This has to be a troll.. as a huge fan of SWTOR, this sounds just too good to be true. There is a fantastic game there, just ruined by a static world and a bad game engine. But for EA and Disney collaborating to reinvesting in the game, continuing the class storylines, creating a sequel and linking it to the new movies? Usually when something that's too good to be true, it usually is.

unkn0wn2501d ago

It's going to be a an expansion of sorts. Akin to a relaunch of the game with it being dubbed SWTOR 2. Seriously, no one wants this. The MMO is very mediocre AT BEST. I loved knights of the old republic 1 and 2 and they just continue to murder this beloved saga

aliengmr2501d ago

Yea, underneath the SW skin is the most basic of MMO's. Don't even get me started on the space portion of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.