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"I can’t complain about the balance issues too much, because the game controls like a dream and the item issues just bring to light how much harder you have to work at honing your skill and strategy to stay in the race. Drifting feels comfortable. Boosting over off-road sections feels gratifying. Each method of control is slick–I daresay even the harshest detractors of the GamePad would be hard-pressed to find issue with the flawless button scheme.

Mario Kart 8 is a good, old-fashioned arcade reminder that games can be fun. Racing with friends has never been so enjoyable. In the grand scheme of kart-racers, Mario Kart 8 definitely comes in 1st place." - Christian Mincks of Geekenstein

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nabeelfarooqui982505d ago

I played the original mario kart, was impressed back then. But now, the series fails to impress me what so ever.