The Witcher 3 E3 Trailer Looks Intense, Groundbreaking and Epic

"Earlier this week, CD Projekt Red dropped its E3 2014 trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The long-awaited sequel and conclusion to the franchise of Witcher video games, based on the fantasy books by Andrzej Sapkowski, hits the shelves in February 2015." |

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Abriael2120d ago

Intense and epic sure. Groundbreaking? Not sure what ground it breaks really.

LAWSON722120d ago

Yeah I am not saying groundbreaking until I see a gameplay overview.

Army_of_Darkness2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

2015 is gonna have some serious competition for game of the year award . maybe Visually groundbreaking for an open world game? .

starchild2120d ago

It looks to be pushing non-linear storytelling in a huge dynamic open world to new heights. No game has been truly groundbreaking overall. Just evolution or innovations in particular areas.

kingduqc2120d ago

more groundbreaknig then uncharted,cod and battlefield for sure.

allgamespc20122120d ago

its gonna set the standard for open game world for next gen.

LOGICWINS2120d ago

Its gonna set the standard for $60 game purchases.

ArchangelMike2120d ago

It will be ground breaking in terms of interactive story telling with dynamic multiple outcomes. in terms of visual quality of an open world game. It will probably be ground breaking in terms of how many awards it will win when it releases!!!

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nabeelfarooqui982120d ago

Nope, still not convinced. Trailers can be deceiving.

DxTrixterz2120d ago

CD Project Red sure knows how to make trailers. I remember watching Witcher 2 trailers and I was blown away. Now my jaw is dropping all the way to the ground.

sungin2120d ago

the release,then we can talk

Geekman2120d ago

You. Me. Mortal Kombat. Not the game, for real. (Not really.)