PlayStation Now – Bringing The E3 Experience PS Home; How It Could Be Sony’s Secret Weapon

MP1st - E3 2014 is just around the corner, and sadly, I won’t be going this year.

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TheWow2499d ago

It's a decent opinion piece, but I'm not sure how feasible it is. It also kinda makes the journalists out there almost irrelevant as middle men.

Spotie2499d ago

Not really. The experience can only go so far as a stream; there still needs to be someone there to give it that element that makes it something a human has experienced, rather than just heard about.

Gamingcapacity2499d ago

I wrote an article linking Gaikai with PS Home months ago but it a different way. This article brings up another great way Gaikai could be used with Home.

GC article: Could PS Home be on PS4 and powered by Gaikai? http://www.gamingcapacity.c...

Elda2499d ago

It would be nice to do it with PS Now...just got my PS Now code voucher today for my PS4 & I must say I was very impressed..the couple of games I tried played extremely well as if I was playing the disc in my PS3.

T2X2499d ago

I have had the exact same experience, and I can tell this service will rock when it comes out. They will get many subscribers if they price it right.

VlllAxelLea2499d ago

it sucks that e3 show floor won't be at ps home this year. I always like going there during this time to get done prizes

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The story is too old to be commented.