Nintendo at E3 2014: Zelda Wii U, NFP plans

NE: "E3 2014 is almost here! Austin and I talk about Zelda for Wii U and what Nintendo has in store for its NFP plans."

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colonel1792505d ago

I am really praying that Zelda Wii U will be like the tech demo (or even better)!

BullyMangler2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

"what would a zelda game running on so much power like a ps3 system look like", the sony fanpies would state.

darker more mature zelda they imagined with that ps3 power.

that E3 2012 zelda tech demo sure did the trick.

what you reeeely got though Nintendo ?

thanks i cant wait to see what you do with that wiiU zelda using that wiiU power!!!!!!

higgins782504d ago

Zelda on PS3/4, something similar to Twilight Princess, arguably the worst Zelda (handheld or console) of the last 20 years. Leave Zelda in the inventive, skilled and hard working hands that resides within Nintendo HQ, only then will each instalment guarantee success.