Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation To Be Released Tomorrow

GearNuke: "The much awaited unofficial fan translation will be released tomorrow, ahead of the upcoming E3 gaming expo."

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MegaRay2502d ago

Not really, as it wont be working on PSVita... and i dont have a PSP anymore :(

N4GDgAPc2501d ago

There is a emulator for your pc u can play psp games on it. I know they been testing FF type-0 with it and it was working.

-Foxtrot2501d ago

I'd find it hilarious if Square announces a localised version of it for the PSV tomorrow

kevinsheeks2501d ago

That's about inline with how they've worked lately always doing the opposite of what consumers expect lol

colonel1792501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It's pathetic that Square Enix can't localize the game even when there is demand for it since its announcement. They live in their own little bubble and believe that what they think is how the world works. That's why they released 3 FF13 games when nobody wanted a sequel after playing the first. That's why they are taking 10 years to release FFXV (because that's the game people actually want) that's why Kingdom Hearts is in every console possible, and that's why they are focusing everything in mobile gaming.

Square Enix either needs to make a complete overhaul in its administration, or needs to disappear. They have become the cancer of Japanese developers.

With that said, and the rant over, it's an excellent job from fans that they can pull this off. !! Thanks for their dedication and time to do this! (Square Enix should learn something from them).

trickman8882501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I'm going to enjoy playing this on my PC, as well as on my Shield via the PSP emulator, PPSSPP .

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