PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Will Have 'Memorable Moments', Story, Stealth And Open World Detailed

"Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games recently announced the development of  PS4 exclusive Without Memory. The game will be released in 2016 and uses Unreal Engine 4."

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rj6212505d ago

It sounds funny.. PS4 Game Without Memory.. imagine a question like How much Memory a Without Memory needs? :p

user14394142505d ago

This is a prime example of why Sony is NUMBER 1 and will continue to DOMINATE for the rest of this generation. They bring you the BEST exclusive games. I cannot wait for H1Z1 and Uncharted PS4. XoXoXo

SuperBlunt2505d ago

Are you being sarcastic? I cannot tell if youre just mimicking the super xbots on wack4gee

Elit3Nick2505d ago

@SuperBlunt funny that you're calling out xbots on this site...

TheWow2505d ago

I'm not too hyped for it right now, seeing as it is trying to be an "interactive movie" (an experience which some claim can be more or less replicated by watching a movie and pressing pause every minute).
But I don't mind being proved wrong on this one. I just feel that games should never have to compromise gameplay for story. However, it is subjective, and some people may enjoy that sort of thing.

XiSasukeUchiha2505d ago

Your basically Georgenoob of PS, and your fuel is Georgenoob hmmm that's the power of the Uchiha in work:)

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AngelicIceDiamond2505d ago

Kind of hard for me to get excited for a game that's not coming out any time soon.

Though I'm very surprised hes giving out this much info already.

"The game will also last for a good while according to Arkadiy. “It will take 7 to 8 hours to complete the game."

"The game will also use the DualShock 4′s touch pad functionality. “The variants of the response will appear on the screen when the question is asked and the player will chose one of them using touchpad,” he said."

Wow that is cool though. Quite a bit of details for a game that a long ways off.

levian2505d ago

7-8 hours? Will be buying 2 months after release when it's $29.99 then

TheLog2505d ago

Sounds similar to Alan Wake. I think its a good thing, hopefully Alice Wake will come soon.

Dudebro902505d ago

Its a 2016... Developers need to stop talking about their games so early.

This all sounds great but I might not care in 2 years.

JOEgolferG2505d ago

I trust the Russians to make an outstanding game, they have great idea's and taste when it come's to game's. Would be even better if we seen a cameo appearance from Putin himself lol.