Pixel Gate Podcast: E3 2014 Predictions / Will Xbox One Win E3?

The lads of Pixel Gate are coming at you once again for the Pixel Gate Podcast, and to talk to ya’ll about their predictions for this year’s E3 press conference. Join Justin, Sean, and Rich as they talk about their predictions, but also what they hope to see at the conference.

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True_Samurai2501d ago

Sony is gonna need to bring more than TLG to the plate

Software_Lover2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

No one will win e3. It isn't a competition.

Edit: The media has turned it into a competition, but it was never meant to be that.

MysticStrummer2501d ago

Gaming is a business, and E3 is a trade show. Of course it's a competition. The media just turned it into a spectator sport.

OT - XB1 having an overall better E3 could very well happen, but I don't think it will matter much in the long run. As far as momentum goes, Sony can afford to lose E3. MS can't. MS needs a big boost in sales. Sony doesn't.

corvusmd2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I have and love all the systems, but I don't hide that of the three my X1 is my that that is out of the way.

The idea of ANY console "winning" E3 always makes me cringe. Not sure why really, but it just seems like "winning" E3 would all come down to an opinion of which system has the better lineup afterwards...sure a total dominance can happen, many will point to last year, and I agree that Sony came out looking much better (however, that's more to MS shooting themselves in the foot and Sony just keeping the same policies they had...that's more like MS "losing" E3 than Sony "winning" it if you catch my meaning). However, even with all the policy issues aside, MS still stayed in the game because many felt they had the better games lineup coming out of E3 (Not EVERYONE...I know).

I guess it just hits me that thinking of a console "winning/losing" an E3 (esp before the E3 happens) is a fanboy approach at looking at things. Admittedly I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say, just that... Yeah a console can come out looking better than the other at E3 and "win", but the real "winners" are always TRUE gamers...

Geekman2501d ago

If the Fallout 4 X1 exclusive thing is true....