Harmonix Explains Why Fantasia: Music Evolved Is Not Coming On PS4, Kinect Best For Realizing Vision

GamingBolt: "Fantasia: Music Evolved is an upcoming rhythm game under development at Harmonix. GamingBolt was able to get in touch with Jonathan Mintz, Lead Designer of Disney: Fantasia Music Evolved to know more about the game. It’s rather interesting to note that Fantasia: Music Evolved is exclusive to Xbox platforms. We asked Jonathan whether there was any specific reason over skipping the PlayStation versions, especially given that the PlayStation 4 is ahead of Xbox One in sales."

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DigitalRaptor2500d ago

Why would they need to explain that?

Just like they don't need to explain why Amplitude is not coming to Xbox.

Blaze9292500d ago

because there are people who want to know why a game they are interested in is not coming to the system they bought?

FarEastOrient2500d ago

Sony owns the Amplitude IP.

Other than Disney owning the Fantasia IP, who else, Harmonix and/or Microsoft? I really don't know.

XiSasukeUchiha2499d ago

You know what's fun about that is that Amptitude Reboot is coming soon by Harmonix:)

Whitey2k2500d ago

I bet hes gonna feel stupid when the game flops n no1 has kinect

Dewitt2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Besides the 4.5 million that have already bought the console?

ger23962499d ago

But they didn't have an option. Because they have Kinect doesn't mean they'll buy games for it.

LAWSON722500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

People who got a Kinect do not necessarily want Kinect games let alone will buy it for that sole reason. The people that buy this are ones who want Kinect games and are more than willing to buy the Kinect SKU or Kinect this holiday. I got a Kinect with my Xbone and I have not one bit of interest in this game.

I think this idea that Kinect needs to be mandatory for a Kinect game to sell is stupid. I know multiple people that have Kinect and do not give a crap about games made for it. I dont know how someone can think well I can make a Kinect game because everyone has Kinect so I have a market for this potential product. IMO what MS did was by doing the Kinectless SKU is show the interest the product has, I think when the Kinect is an option you will see just how big a market it really has, whether big or small. Thus developers and publishers can tell if people are buying a Kinect for a new gaming experience or just because they have to.

Kinect is also not dead, IMO MS just needs to stick with it and show what the thing offers from gaming to living room functionality. Taking the route of making it mandatory is not going to force people to be more interested. What will is proving its greatness to a wider audience. The original Kinect flew off shelves and games for it sold well, however the tech was by no means perfect and the hyped died down once everyone tryed what it offered.

It has the tech, the support, and casual crowd to attract so I see no reason to think it is dead and cannot be a successful product as long as MS can deliver and market it right. MS has been trying to sell themselves to two different markets with the same SKU, and all their marketing and backstepping fails is due to this.

mhunterjr2500d ago

The idea wasn't that mandatory kinect is neccisariyfor kinect games to sell... The idea was that 100% kinect adoption rate minimizes the risk of associated with making kinect an integral part of a game. It was an attempt to foster kinect games that aren't just shallow gimmicks...

I think Microsoft wanted to shed the notion that kinect can only be useful to casual gamers and were trying to convince core developers to use it.

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2499d ago
christocolus2499d ago


Is that what you wishing for? You want it to flop cos it isn't coming to ps4? So sad.

I'm actually looking forward to this. The previews have been quite good. I think ill be getting it.

djplonker2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

"Kinect Best For Realizing Vision"

Or was it the fact that when you came up the with idea people were being FORCED to buy a kinect...?

Am I right in thinking there is more kinects out there than ps cameras even with the sales gap?

2499d ago
tkato2500d ago

If it needs a camera you can count me out, this goes for the PS4 as well..

modesign2500d ago

i guess harmonix didnt get the memo that micro is ditching

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