FIFA 15 Leagues Survey Results (7 June)

The results for FIFPlay's FIFA 15 Leagues Survey until 7 June 2014. Over 1,460,000 votes are dropped by FIFA 14 fans from around the world. Turkish League is still on top (1st place), Serbian and Bosnian leagues are moving up.

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iistuii2502d ago

Yeah I'd take the Turkish league over the others. If they could create the amazing atmosphere of the Turkish stadiums it would be a great addition.

Myst-Vearn2502d ago

does EA actually takes this survey into consideration?

DxTrixterz2502d ago

Better question is Do they even care about what leagues Fifa fans want?

SniperControl2502d ago

Maybe ea should do a survey to find out which game breaking bugs to fix first.

Nekroo912502d ago

I voted for japanase league to play with Tsubasa and benji price....