Can Square-Enix Turn It Around This Generation?

OnlySP: Square Enix has declined to bring Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III to E3 this year. That isn’t a huge surprise since there is little evidence that either of these games are going as well as the developer says (year after year after year in the case of the former). Also if there is anything to show Square-Enix might wish to do so at the Tokyo Game Show instead.

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weekev152511d ago

Tbh Square aint what they used to be. Monolith soft are gonna be killing them. X looks like the kind of game Square should be making, instead Square seem intent onHD remasters, please just focus on the games you have Iin development that folks have been waiting on for eons.

Hopefully they will use e3 to announce localisation of Bravely Second which would be a nice move.

Xof2511d ago

To "turn it around" wouldn't they have had to have been going in the right direction at some point? All SE has ever done is mooch off the brand-recognition of old Square and Enix IPs.

AiirJordann232511d ago

Probably the same old teaser trailer they been releasing. Im so tire of SE fuckin over everyone. I guess were have to wait and see what happens

LostFlock2511d ago

No... Honestly im looking forward to both FF15 and KH3 but they really should have never announced or teased KH3, its basically Versus 13 all over again. Its obvious 15 will come out first and once they had a firm release day then tease KH3, but never like what they're doing now.

Elda2511d ago

Agreed!..Until they have any game they are making near completion then they should start announcing it not when it's just a concept & nothing has been even started.

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The story is too old to be commented.