Sony back at top of console sales after eight years

Sony have topped worldwide sales of video game consoles for the first time in eight years, pipping struggling rival Nintendo and signalling the Playstation manufacturer's comeback.

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XiSasukeUchiha2505d ago

Netural Gaming Force come we got ourselves a flamebait!

OT: PS4 is selling more than Xbox 1 that's why this article was created.

Maddens Raiders2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I would've waited an eternity for this. Good to see them back on top. I will catch hell, but the console wars feel right again.

ThunderSpark2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

This generation will be really good for Sony. They are already on a PS2 like trend with the PS4 and the games will be amazing. Who said console gaming was dead? Lol.

ZodTheRipper2505d ago

It really seems like they have everything they had during the beginning of the PS2 they only need to keep the ball rolling by constantly bringing out killer games. This years E3 conference might be one of the most important ones for them yet, there's a lot that could go right and a lot that could go wrong this year.

UltimateMaster2505d ago

"Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) sold 18.7 million PlayStation 4 (PS4) systems and other game consoles for the fiscal year to March, the Nikkei business daily said, to Nintendo's 16.31 million units."

I think there's a few 10s extra.

UltraNova2504d ago

Ok Sony keep releasing more games and make good on delivering a perfectly working Project Morpheus with a ton of support and I'll rest in peace..

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user14394142505d ago

Sony is LIFE. Sony I will never stop loving you. I have loved you ever since I got my first Sony Walkman. XoXoXo

headshotfrosty2505d ago

Dude you are a very sick man. You troll every damned X1 article and now I see why. WOW

VINNIEPAZ2505d ago

"Sony is LIFE"

And he spelled life in all caps like he really meant it lol. The perfect example of N4PS4 Gamers. lol

I love all my systems Xoxoxox

GTgamer2505d ago

The PS2 would be Proud ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

Magicite2505d ago

This is how PS3 should have started.

starchild2505d ago

Congratulations, Sony. You're doing a great job. I'm enjoying my PS4. I can't wait for some of the upcoming games.

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RPGrinder2505d ago ShowReplies(4)
AD7052505d ago

So what are the official numbers now for ps4? (please no vgchartz shit)

iamnsuperman2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

7 million as of April the 6th ( ) but don't expect any newer figures until E3. It will be Sony's showing off moment.

ocelot072505d ago

Got a feeling Sony will mention sales numbers at E3.

GribbleGrunger2505d ago

Forget VGC. The PS4 has now sold around 8 million units. I can't understand why this article says 'short of 7 million' when Sony revealed their 'sell through' numbers where OVER 7 million on April 6th.

RPGrinder2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

"Almost seven million PS4's were sold, but Sony's overall sales of hardware, including the portable PlayStation Vita, still fell some 20 percent for the fiscal year, the report said."

Again, why are we celebrating? Software fell too. If anything this proves how bad the game industry is doing, not how well Sony is doing.

HighResHero2505d ago

Funny you would mention that considering all the PS3 games and PS products on the best-sellers lists.
Also, the industry is doing great, with many sales records being broken.
Clearly, you are just being pessimistic, or trolling.

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