Watch Dogs: Giving Drunk Driver A Driving Lesson

A funny video from Watch Dogs, see how you can teach driving to a drunk driver on streets.

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KingDustero2510d ago

Uhmm what was the point of this?

Dubaman2510d ago

To show us what happens when you try to capture footage with poor specs.

A2X_2510d ago

Garbage. How is this news worthy? & how does this stuff get approved?

Exies72510d ago

Seriously,... wth was the point of that?

shotgunshine2510d ago

A funny video, huh? I guess we have an enormous difference on what is funny.

jaseo2510d ago

a truck swerving, then a car hits it a few times from behind, then the truck stops swerving? you'd have to be beyond drunk to post this video.

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