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The sniper has long had a cosy relationship with the videogaming world. It’s a military role that blends perfectly with the key principle of gaming: that the player is in control. While your regular Tommy can’t do a lot about a badly timed bullet to the brain or other misfortune, the sniper is a model of battlefield supremacy and power. As much as certain action titles attempt to throw you into the general masses, that necessity of control makes the player more like a super-soldier than ‘one of the old boys’. Playing as a sniper, however, is much more fitting. The Sniper Elite franchise has, since 2005, taken advantage of that affinity with three well-liked titles. With the third entry in the series, aptly titled Sniper Elite III, developers Rebellion are attempting to bring their third-person stealth series to the masses.

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nabeelfarooqui982501d ago

Seems interesting. This might be my ticket into the series.