Stop Whining About The DualShock 4 Battery

Every time the PS4‘s controller is mentioned on the internet, it seems to be followed by a wave of commenters talking about the things they dislike about the controller. Usually, the main gripe concerns the battery life, as the vocal commenters seem to think it doesn’t last long enough. However, their arguments are mostly invalid, and they tend to make no logical sense. If the 7 to 10 hour battery life is too short, then there's a serious issue here.

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ats19922506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Why? Its a perfectly justifiable reason to have a complaint about the dualshock 4. It seems the person who wrote this article should quit worrying about other peoples opinions.

boyscout2992506d ago

Did you even read the article? The point is that those who complain about the battery life usually have arguments that are entirely invalid. People are allowed to have opinions. It's just nice when those opinions are informed and actually make sense. :P

ats19922506d ago

Yea agree people should be more informed before they complain i just think sony could have made it be able to have more battery life than that this is just my opinion.

dumahim2506d ago

Who is he, or anyone else to say people's opinions are invalid. He claims 7-10 hours of battery life? Most of the time, I can get 6. Lately though, it lasted longer, but it turns out my rumble had stopped working and came back with the last update. Now I'm back down to short battery life.

Besides, even if someone is to think 6 hours of play time is enough for one sitting, I don't want to have to keep charging the controller whenever I'm not playing.

crxss2506d ago

Everything can be improved.

Gazondaily2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

No it's not good enough. You may think your opinions are so much more informed than the rest of us that you command us to 'stop whining' about the battery life, but when our experiences suggest that it isnt good enough, who are you tell us otherwise?

The battery life is ridiculous. As much ad I love the controller, I spend the vast majority of my time tethered to the console. That sucks. The best alternative really is to buy two controllers (which I don't really need as there arent that many games that I can play locally that I like).

The DS4 is one of the best controllers made in a ĺong time but that battery life is rightfully criticised.

BLuTheSecond2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

So we should stop "whining" about the controller's only big flaw because you don't think its a big flaw?!

Edit: Septic hit the mark with his comment.

monkey6022506d ago

The controller is amazing for everything but the battery life. My controller has been wired up for the last few days solid because of its awful battery time. You can't tell someone to stop whining and that they're ill informed when they are speaking from personal experience.
All too often my day has gone: work, come home and try to play a game of something but low and behold my other half has spent all day watching 90210 on Netflix now my controller is dying and I have to plug it in while I play, which for me means sitting on the damned floor because the short cable that came with it is the only one that bloody works and the 2 longer cables I bought won't. This never happened with the dual shock 3 because the battery was fantastic.
Like it or not the simple fact is the dual shock 4 battery is terrible

WickedLester2506d ago

It's not that complicated. The battery life on the PS4 is terrible and people are unhappy about it. What logical argument does anyone need to have beyond that?

nirwanda2505d ago

Battery life is fine its the rubber coming off the left analogue stick that bothers me.

Lord_Sloth2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

I don't personally have an issue with the battery since I'm just gonna get another controller and rotate between them as I did on the PS3. My only complaint is with the analogue sticks. I much preferred the DS3 sticks. These

UltimateMaster2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

As much as I love all the new technology.
It would be preferable to get more battery life.

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iamnsuperman2506d ago

I think it is justifiable. It just isn't long enough. I have two controllers and I often find myself charging them because the battery gets too low. It just not the same level the DS3 was. That had a good battery life. I think the criticism is valid in the light of that controller.

Gamer7772506d ago

I think, the problem with the dualshock 4s' battery life is due to the added features. The lightbar, speaker and touchpad are hard on battery life. Sony had to choose between maintaining this features and keeping the controller light in weight. If they added a larger battery that allowed for battery life comparable to the dual shocks 3s' 30hrs, we would have a heavier controller.

strickers2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

If it is an issue buy the charge cradle. I keep hearing these people so upset about it and I keep giving the same advice.Official 2 pad mains charge cradle. Done.

iamnsuperman2506d ago


That isn't a solution to a valid problem. That is like saying get an external battery back if the battery of your phone isn't that good. Sure that helps the situation but it doesn't fix the issue. I get round the battery issue on the DS4 by charging them while my PS4 is on standby. But it still doesn't dampen that criticism of the controller (its battery life isn't what it should be)

OpenGL2506d ago

I love the DS4 but the battery life is pretty bad especially compared to the amazing battery life the DS3 had. Granted, at ~6-8 hours I'm not having problems with it dying during gameplay as I don't usually play games for more than a few hours per sitting.

It is interesting though that the battery in the DS4 is more than 2x as large (800mAh vs 300mAh) as the one in the DS3. My guess is the new Bluetooth audio feature, speaker, lightbar, and touchpad are responsible for the additional battery drain.

I still hope Sony announces a new model soon with improved battery life though.

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Zhipp2506d ago

Well, I think it depends on charge time as well. If it only takes about an hour to go from 10% to 100%, then I don't think it's that big a deal.

That said, as a user of the Wii U Pro controller, I can't tell you how awesome it is to have extra long battery life. I basically only charge the thing when I want to. I'll literally go weeks without plugging it in at all.

GamingSinceThe80s2506d ago

You should try the Wii U game pad that thing get's like 2 or 3 hours of play on a full charge and if you don't keep it on the charger 24/7 it dies in a day or 2 even when it's turned off it can't hold a charge.Where as the ds4 can hold a full charge for month's.

Zhipp2505d ago

At least with the Wii u gamepad you have the option to buy Nyko's extended battery pack. Does the DS4 have a replaceable battery?

SoulMikeY2505d ago

What's up with these sissies saying. "Who are you to blah blah?". I am a person who can tell ANYONE in the f***ing world whatever I want, that's who!

Now shut the f*** up.

Fgfttfgff2505d ago

All the people who bitch of the battery life get a morphie for 40$ plug it in to the morphie play wherever you want.

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boyscout2992506d ago

But is it really such an inconvenience to charge them nightly? I mean, really...

MasterCornholio2506d ago

Take my case for example. Every time I'm done gaming I just plug it in. That way I never have issues with the battery life. If the controller lasted an hour or two it would be a problem but that isn't the case.

Highlife2506d ago

I have a 10 ft usb extender was a couple of bucks on Amazon. It's no big deal if I need to charge while I'm playing.

MasterCornholio2506d ago


I play with my PC monitor so the cable that came with the console is long enough for me.

Could the battery life be better? Sure it can but it isn't horrible at all.

Gamer7772506d ago

The more you have to recharge a battery, the faster it degrades and loses overall capacity.

RogueLeader11012506d ago

This is true when talking about charging your device 1000 times and the more you have to charge it, the faster you will reach that number, but even at 1000 cycles the charge is typically holding anywhere from 50-80% of its rated capacity.

Keep in mind that with current Li-Ion batteries 1 cycle= 100% battery drain. If you run the battery down to 50%, charge it to 100%, run it down to 80%, charge it to 100%, then run it down to 70% and charge it back up to 100% that is 1 cycle.

eferreira2505d ago

that's but but it's not a huge issue with batteries today. My original launch ps3 controller still lasts a long time and my iphone 4 which I've had for a tad over 4 years now still holds a great charge.

Soldierone2506d ago

I charge it at night and have still had it die in mid gaming sessions on my days off....

With DS3 I could play all day and be perfectly fine.

I personally don't think it's standby mode lasts too long either (When Ps4 is in sleep, not completely off)

Risky_242505d ago


The Ps4 is not always in sleep. It can be put in sleep(quick resume) or regular standby(off).

hadouken0072505d ago

Most cell phone batteries dont last that long but they deal with it, cant please everyone I guess.

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incendy352506d ago

4 hour gaming marathon might be long for you, but for me that is nothing! Especially the first few weeks a game is out.

My biggest issue is that it always seems to die on me in the middle of a game. If it wasn't an issue, I wouldn't complain. But it is, so I do.

Shane Kim2506d ago

Well ofc it's going to die in the middle of a game. That's when you're using the controller!!

yezz2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Where do you get 4 hours? You must have a faulty one since I'm always getting something around 8-11 hours...

KonsoruMasuta2506d ago

Red the article.

The 4 hour number comes from the article. The author claims that any gamer that games longer than 4 hours in one session has problems. He also advises those gamers to seek help.

bleedsoe9mm2506d ago

i've had to stop a gaming sessions to recharge my controller , thats not a invalid ps4 flaw , thats a real gripe i have a right to complain about .

djplonker2506d ago

you can play and charge it at the same time if the cable isnt long enough a 3m one is like $1/£2...

bleedsoe9mm2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

i just go play on something else , the length of play time seems to be somewhat better since sony put out the dimming option , now if the give the ability to turn the light off completely the battery life will be even better . i don't know where the guy got 7-10 hrs mine was 4--5hrs now with the dimming 5-6 hrs

Sitdown2506d ago

Now doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of it being wireless?

liquidhalos2505d ago

You could always plug your charger cable into your laptop and charge that way. Not ideal but its a quick fix.