Retro Reviews: American McGee’s Alice (2000)

Tom Acres of High Score Reviews writes:

'Alice in Wonderland was a staple of my childhood. Whether it was having Lewis Carroll’s novels read to me by my parents, or watching Disney’s classic animation for the umpteenth time, I always found myself enamored with Wonderland’s crazy inhabitants and ridiculous notions. The way in which Carroll’s world deals with logic and fantasy simultaneously has allowed Alice’s adventures to live long and prosper, and no more was that apparent than when Tim Burton managed to completely butcher the concept with 2010′s Alice in Wonderland and still rake in over $1,000,000,000 in revenue. That makes it the 16th highest grossing film of all time – of all time - you’re all mad, mad as a hatter.

Just one year later and we were treated to another interpretation of the formula, this time with Alice: Madness Returns, an action-platformer from the brilliantly named American McGee and his just as brilliantly named Shanghai-based development studio, Spicy Horse. Madness Returns was released for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and was a game I actually had an interest in upon it hitting store shelves (it was during the typically dry summer months) but never got round to picking up until earlier this year when it popped up at an enticingly low price during a PlayStation Network sale. Little did I know, I was getting some serious bang for buck with the addition of a second game included in the package – American McGee’s Alice – where the madness began for McGee’s take on Wonderland 14 years ago.'

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