The Tonight Show: Joshua Topolsky Demonstrates Sony's Project Morpheus

The first time public viewing of Sony's Project Morpheus was made on Friday's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon and actor Channing Tatum enter into the medieval demo game to throw punches, fire crossbows, and meet a not-so-friendly dragon.

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ZodTheRipper2609d ago

What a great idea to put someone like Fallon who was completely overwhelmed into one of these and film it :D

Talidan2609d ago

Fallon's whole shtick is acting overwhelmed and clueless. I don't like watching him...

Christopher2609d ago

In his role, that's kind of what Fallon has to be. He has to be the guy who likes everything or at least only shows comedic contempt for other things. His ability to get guests relies on his ability to never do anything that would make a guest not want to be on the show.

I do enjoy the banter between the cast and there are some good moments. But, yeah, Justin Timberlake's impression of him on SNL was spot on.

"So great! So great!"

nveenio2609d ago

Fallon is always like, "I LOVE GAMES!" And then he has no idea what he's doing, what a controller it, or where his fingers go. He's the gamer equivalent of a girl that says, "I hate shopping," so you'll continue to date her until it's too late to dump her when she changes her mind.

sinspirit2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )


That's because that is how he is and the producers know what they are doing. It's not like they put bad guests on there and make him act excited. He has awesome guests.


"I love games!" doesn't mean he is a gamer, as in he plays games often. He's mostly into older titles because he grew up with them. He is successful and married with a child and his hobbies are music and impersonating, commonly together.

alexkoepp2608d ago

This made morpheus look so lame, I couldn't stop laughing at how bad it was.

redwin2608d ago

Fallon's character glitched, he was just arms and head, lol. He was less than Rayman.

3-4-52608d ago

@ Talidan - It's not a shtick, he's actually just a really nice and normal guy who happens to be famous and have many talents.

* He honestly gets really into stuff like that, where have you been ?

andibandit2608d ago

Didnt really give an impression of morpheus, due to fallon trying too hard to be funny

MysticStrummer2608d ago

"This made morpheus look so lame, I couldn't stop laughing at how bad it was."

Given your past comments I'm not surprised, but assuming you're being honest I don't think you were looking at the demo correctly. I think the main point was the accuracy of movement, which looked very good. Also, using the controllers for hands, flexing the fingers. It's not like they were showing off a game, just a very basic demo. I personally wouldn't use Fallon for this stuff, but it is funny sometimes.

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potedude2609d ago

I have to agree, this is one of the things I am most looking forward to out of all things in this current generation.

Total immersion!

Sci0n2608d ago

that dragon at the end tho! that would have scared the crap out of me too! lol.

xx4xx2608d ago

I actually thought it looked pretty bad. Sony couldn't have been too happy. That Fallon clown was too busy trying to make bad jokes. It probably shouldn't have been the public demo that Sony was hoping for.

MysticStrummer2608d ago

How could they have been hoping for something different? Do you think they've never actually watched Fallon's past demos? I certainly knew what I was about to see when I clicked on the video, and I'm sure Sony did too when they arranged the whole thing.

I agree that it could have been a much better demo, but the same can be said about most or maybe all of Fallon's demos.

xx4xx2608d ago

I guess my point was that him doing a game demo demo and cracking bad jokes is a bit different than the first real public demo of a tech that Sony has invested in so heavily. If u are showing this tech, which gamers may be behind but not the general public, I probably wouldn't have some second rate comedian cracking jokes and found stupid stuff with it.

I'm for VR, but for consoles I think don't is fighting an uphill battle. I'd want Beyer control over it. The VR looked like a joke on that show. I would want an audience to Ooooh and Ahhhhh not laugh.

Sano642605d ago

I just hope Conan gets ahold of it. Hemay not be a gamer but at least he is funny. The review he did of Tomb Rader is a classic!

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elazz2609d ago

Imagine a God of War game with Morpheus o_0, Image the dissapointment when you look down, after playing, and seeing your real body :p

NewMonday2609d ago

Sony actually did a VR demo of a modded GOW3..

rayzorn2608d ago

thanks not sure how i missed that video but it was a good watch. even though i have seen bits and pieces of it

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Starbucks_Fan2609d ago

holy crap 500 degrees in 3 min

Christopher2609d ago

Yeah. Sorry. There were some issues in pending with sourcing and duplicates. I felt this is something you guys wanted to see and discuss, so helped it get up there. Hope you guys and gals don't mind.

Talidan2609d ago

Great demo. Using the Move controllers with it seems like a perfect pairing.

Old McGroin2608d ago

I'm not trolling here (seriously!) but wouldn't the Kinect be more of a perfect pairing for VR? Having to use two sticks (the Move controllers) as hands seems very unnatural compared to what might be possible with Kinect. Maybe Sony should look in to developing gloves for use in VR? That'd be pretty cool.

OT, the demo for Morpheus looks good, really looking forward to getting one on my head, I'm guessing first hand experience would be a hell of a lot better than watching someone else experience it. On Youtube.

Jeebus2608d ago

The Kinect would be phenomenal with something like this.

Too bad it doesn't work.

Talidan2608d ago

It would be, if not for the fact that you *need* some way to do more than just move your hands.

That's always been my one hang-up with Kinect, because it's incredibly limiting in character movement. It either needs to be on-rails, or have awkward gestures for movement. Hands-only isn't the best way to go.

Ideally, we'd all have the Omni treadmills, in which case Kinect would be just fine, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Old McGroin2608d ago

@ Talidan

Yeah, guess you're right, forgot you would need buttons for movement and such!


Kinect or Eye lack the precision, although definetely, if it worked like people first though it would, they would be the perfect solution. Maybe next gen, but for now scanning your body just isn't efficient enough (specially for smaller gestures with your fingers and hands).

Also, I believe a lot (if not most) people excited about that tech actually want to use it for display and audio output with their good old gamepads, not necessarily as part of a full on motion controller method.

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