Linkin Park Releases A Game... And It's Good! | Grab It

Linkin Park - yes the band - has released a pretty decent Borderlands inspired action game called LP Recharge - Wastelands and Grab It has been playing it and has detailed its first impressions in this preview.

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SlappingOysters3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Not a big fan of the band, but it is awesome to see music artists putting money into the scene!

infinitewords3156d ago

Love me some Linkin Park, glad to see they also like gaming.

thereapersson3156d ago

Here's some LP trivia: Chester is now basically the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots. Makes sense, since his voice is eerily similar to the Tiny Music-era sound.

CoyoteHunter3156d ago

Wow pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the heads up

no_more_heroes3156d ago

They also did a music video to "Guilty All The Same" using Project Spark iirc.

renerak3156d ago

Love these guys, they have some awesome lyrics in thier songs, unlike the other shitty people who sing all their life about fucking and describing female body parts in all ways possible.

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