Watch Dogs Review - Playing it Safe - CramG

A look at Ubisoft's open world action game Watch Dogs which is big on hype, contains lots of featured, but does it deliver?

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Geekman2511d ago

The game is dope, enough with the 7's. (Though it's getting mostly 8's, which is what it should be.)

showtimefolks2510d ago

this is a fun game, i really enjoyed the single player story. I did none of the side missions. Took me 18-20 hours to beat the game. There are some truly frustrating missions, atleast 3-4 times i really wanted to quit the game and or throw my controller at my tv screen. UBI have to learn from GTA5 on this. Let us skip missions after we fail bunch of time, because that way atleast we get to continue the story

its a very good start for this franchise and has huge potential for future.

There are some missions where you can't loose the cops no matter how well you hide, there should be planes and stuff.

but i give this an easy 8/10, must play