GameStop Holding “Xbox One Trade Day” Tomorrow to Push Sales of New Kinect-Less Console

GameStop definitely isn’t new to giving Xbox One sales a nudge here and there, and looks like it’s going to happen with the new Kinect-less SKU as well, thanks to the “Xbox One Trade Day” which will be held tomorrow across the United States.

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NatureOfLogic_1598d ago

Retailers are doing everything they can to push Xbox One really hard. But I really don't think this will do much after seeing the results of all the price drops and Titanfall hype/marketing.

infinitewords1598d ago

Seems to me GameStop is backing the Xbone to try and increase it's sells. The better the sells, the more money GameStop stands to make, and since the PS4 is selling itself, there's no need to push it. It makes sense from a business standpoint, because GameStop really needs both systems to sell, in order to stay healthy. With that being said, I also think GameStop should do one of these promotions for the people who want a PS4.

CerebralAssassin1597d ago

You just said ps4 sells itself. So why do the same promotion for ps4? The only reason they do "promos" is to boost the bottom line. There is no need to run such a promo

mochachino1597d ago

If there's a finite console market size it wouldn't matter to gamestop which console sold better.

If Gamestop is going to sell 100 million consoles, whether it's 50/50 PS4/xone or 80/20 Gamestop would earn the same all other things being equal.

If Gamestop made more money on xone than PS4 then it would have incentive to push xone.

MS probably is working out deals with retailers.

Prime1571597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

As an employee of GameStop for two years, the most profit they receive is from preowned sales.

It's not about pushing the new Xbox, it's about getting preowned product into the store to resale.

They know people want new product, and the price entry point might make it viable, especially if people unleash their old product.

Trust me, that's the whole point of their "cycle" they push employees to learn.

3-4-51597d ago

Gamestop tends to back whichever one they can make money off of in the near future.

They were all PS4 last year, and then I went in 2 days after XB1 announcement and the were all XB1.

It depends on if the employees are fanboys are not.

The stores I went to for the past 15+ years was AWESOME, but they literally just closed or moved so I'm hoping I don't have any bad experiences from here on out.

I used to get hooked up there all the time too. damn.

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SpideySpeakz1598d ago

It's obvious MS money-hatting. Just like the whole Machinima debacle...MS getting caught trying to buy the internet lol. MS is paying hard cash to retailers to put Xbone in the front seat.
It's really sad and desperate, but people aren't falling for it.

InTheLab1598d ago

It's called business. Why do you think Best Buy and most other retailers all have Xbox front and center despite the PS4 being the hottest item in gaming?

Kribwalker1598d ago

And I suppose ubisoft promoted and added an extra hour of gameplay to watchdogs on ps4 just because they wanted to. Man you're an idiot if you don't know how business and promotions work

CerebralAssassin1597d ago

Your post is silly and narrowminded. You have no idea how business operates.

uth111598d ago

Best buy too gives the xbox one higher profile in their ads about 3 weeks out of 4 each month. I think there are kickbacks invokved. If it was because the ps4 was selling itself, they would still promote to hutch themselves to that hype train and sell more units than their competitors

Copen1597d ago

Truth is there's warehouses full of Xbox ones and retailers still have launch consoles they can't sell. I went to a Best buy the other day and they still had 3 day one edition X1's for sale. At this point MS is willing to and are having to take a loss just to move consoles. The fabricated positive X1 articles try and hide the fact that over half the number of X1's sold to date were sold in the 2 months it launched and it's selling less and less each month. If Titanfall can't get the desired sales MS was looking for then this initiative by gamestop and the price drop won't help. The sad truth is the PS4 is what customers want sales reflect this fact.

Flames761597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Are you really this stupid?Microsoft's goal was to ship 4.3 million Xbox Ones ending march 31.They hit 5.1 million and also ending march 31 the Xbox division profits was up 14%.What was sonys ending marhc 31?Thats right $200 million loss again for the playstation division.Which hasnt made profit in 8 years now.The Xbox One is at 5.1 million in 13 countrys in 4 months.The PS4 was at 7 million in 4 months in 57 countrys.You should really do some research next time before posting a stupid comment like that

WilDRangeRrfc1597d ago

Yeah your a Sony fanboy and everything you spew is BS here in England X1 are sold out at Argos in my whole region,and TF sold great every 1 in 3 X1 owner has it,ISS on PS4 has an attach rate of 1 in 7 so that's a flop I have both and they are both great,X1 is no 4 in most succesful console launches in history behind PS2,WII and PS4 so how is it not selling? Answer it is very well only on this cancerous website in Sony fanboy land is it not selling,oh and software sales on Xbox are higher AGAIN

Funantic11597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

GameStop is treating this like a new console release. The X1 with Kinect was for the hardcore gamers. Those sales numbers are never as high as with the casual gamers. From now on the kinectless X1 wil take off in sales. I expect around around 12-15 million X1s sold by the end of the year especially with the release of Halo 5 and release in other countries.

Christopher1597d ago

Retailers are being heavily encouraged and tempted by MS to do this. They're not going to go out of their way to do this without some sort of financial encouragement.

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WeaseL1598d ago

Can only mean pre-orders are very poor for the Kinect free version

Abriael1598d ago

They don't seem to be stellar at GameStop. Ranked 68th.

URNightmare1598d ago

Wow! Looks like the Xbox One is flopping hard.

No_Limit1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

@URNightmare ,

Actually the Xbox One is at #35, the PS4 is at #30, and the Wii U ..surprise..surprise is at Number 1, just to get everything corrected as of this hour.

Persian_Immortal1597d ago

Amazon is a different story all together the kinectless bundle is in the low 80s and 100 in rank, in most of the sites. In some of the other Amazon sites, mostly the European ones, the Kinectless bundle isnt even charting. I mean its well documented the Europeans really love their Nintendo and Playstation so this isnt to much of a surprise Microsoft needs to make it this work if they hope to eventually beat Sony.

THC CELL1598d ago

I work in game I've been told to push xbox even if I have to say it's a much better choice than ps4 what I don't btw. Why should I have to lie to people. Leave that to arse lickers

DEEBO1598d ago

yeah i went in for my review at gamestop at my store and seen boxes of the sku of x1's.but it doesn't make any sense to me,you had a system with the cam and a free game for 450 but now you are selling a system for 400 without anything? for 50 more dollars i get the better deal.but yeah gamestop is backing the xbox most of the stores are but people are going for the ps4

Kayant1598d ago

Got to bump up those may npd numbers ;)

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