New Wii U Classic Controller To Be Shown At E3 2014 By Hori USA

A Wii U Classic Controller - based on the GameCube controller - will be announced by video game accessory company Hori USA during Nintendo @ E3 2014.

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XiSasukeUchiha2502d ago

Oh yes that gamecube sweetness is back:)

linkenski2502d ago

Imagine if the new black GC contoller comes with a ZL button as well, and it can be used as a substitute for the Pro Controllers. Wouldn't that be neat?

fatneal2502d ago

yes...thats what the wiiU pro controller should have been in the first place...but i understand why its not...they wanted the wiiu pro controller's layout to be exactly like the gamepads

randomass1712502d ago

Having finally used the Pro controller for myself (none of my friends had it) I can say that Nintendo probably just went with a controller shape that was conventional to appeal to core gamers and just like you said kept the same stick and button layout as the gamepad which is made the way it is to accommodate for left handed players.

Personally I'm glad they didn't make it like the GCN controller. This offers more options and more room for preferences between players IMO.

theRell2502d ago

First PDP, now Hori? Plus the adapter and a kickstarter attempt. Who will win lol

randomass1712502d ago

I know, right? :P It's so much to take in! I wanna try 'em all lol!

Rockefellow2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Man, they're really going all out on the GameCube front. I suppose if they licensed it to PDP, other companies were sure to follow.

colonel1792502d ago

Nintendo should rerelease the GameCube controllers rebranded for Wii U. They needed to do that on the Wii, but didn't, and now they have a great chance, and won't take it!

thehobbyist2502d ago

They are, did you not hear about them reprinting gamecube controllers(Smash Bros themed ones none-the-less) and putting out a Wii U adapter for them? It's pretty great.

colonel1792502d ago

Really? I thought they had only announced the adapter. So they will also include the controller?? NICE!

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