For Sony, the PS3 is about more than gaming

Simply put, the PS3 is about more than just gaming for Sony: It's about selling high-definition DVDs and televisions. It's about making investments in cutting-edge technologies pay off. Most of all, it's about improving a once-admired brand that's been badly tarnished over the past year by the recall of hundreds of thousands of laptop batteries, the controversial installation of so-called rootkit software on music CDs, and a government investigation into the company's static random-access memory (SRAM) business.

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Boink4449d ago

cause I want it to play games, as most GAMERS do, you morons.

Boink4448d ago

fun games?

giant crab games?

j/k, but this is the problem I have with sony. they should've focused on games first and everything else secondary, and this doesn't seem to be the case.

specialguest4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

why do you speak as though the PS3 is not going to have fun games, or even games in general? the last time i checked, the PS2 had several thousand games. also, developers are making games, fun/boring games, not Sony.
all of these other non-gaming features are an added bonus to the total package.

BigPimpin4448d ago

They're to busy making it a movie player than a gaming console. A system is good for one thing, and that is gaming. If you want to watch high-def movies then go out and buy a blu-ray player or HD-DVD player.

calderra4448d ago

The question isn't if the console's about MORE than gaming, it's about if the console is about gaming AT ALL.

Imagine what PS2's launch would have looked like if it wouldn't have been a DVD player. Most people I knew who got the system basically didn't play it at all in the first two years. Which reminds me of a story...

I was friends with a dude who payed $600+ to get a PS2 on eBay on launch week and mostly used it as a stand to keep his N64 off the carpet. An exact quote: "If I payed $600 for it, I might as well use it for something!". He eventually became a devotee again as the games started to come in, but for a while, seeing his enthusiasm for Sony was just sad. He literally dusted the system more than he used it for gaming in the first 2 years. Er, if you don't count "N64 stand" as "being used for gaming".

That same guy is getting a launch PS3. And he really doesn't care about any of the games at all, or even the BluRay player for that matter. He just has to have a PS3. And for the first several months of that console's life, it's probably going to remain boxed or unhooked, becase the Xbox 360 won't set on top of it without falling off.

So as far as more than one person I know are concerned, the PS3 is more of a status symbol than an entertainment device in the first place. I doubt most of them will even plug their systems in for a while, except to verify that it works and maybe to go online with it to download some games.

Mr Murda4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

I posted a comment yesterday on a story that Dusty never published. Here it goes.

Sony screwed this one up. The PS2 was such a name brand that it didn't matter that it was an inferior machine to the XBOX. Fanboys and hardcore gamers pay attention to specs, features, games, etc., but the average gamer DOESN'T. When every rap star was putting the PS2 in their car, bathroom, kitchen, or wherever...they weren't doing it cause of superior graphics or TFLOPS. They were doing it cause it was the fad. That's how they sold 100 million units...the name, the trend, the fad. This time all Sony had to do was deliver a product near $300 - $400 and they would have been in a perfect situation. They could have done this, but they got greedy and want Blu-Ray to save their company, so they forced it and pushed the cost to an extra $200. The MAJORITY (you heard me right) of PS2 owners were uneducated consumers (parents, children, low income, etc.) they heard the talk and they responded by wanting the thing everyone was talking about...a PS2. The thing was that they could actually get one cause it was reasonably priced, with a huge catalog of cheap games and accessories to appeal to the masses.

Now,not only will these same consumers freak out at a $500 or $600 system, but wait til they hear about $60 and $70 games, or $100 accessories. This is the real situation Sony is faced with.

Watapata4448d ago

There is no question about whether or not PS3 is about games at all, it clearly is. It has everything from a hardware perspective to support some great games, just as the 360 does. I'm not going to get into the whole debate about which architecture is more ideal for gaming as its rather pointless as no one would ever concede regardless of if they actually understood it all. As far as extra features go, yes it adds to the cost of the console, but is that really such a big deal? Why would anyone ever complain about getting extra features? IF tis something that I can use and it saves me money over having to go out and buy something else to do it, why not? As far as games go, yeah, there's little coming out soon, but the reality of the matter is that 2-3 years from now each console is going to have its great games and, for the most part, people will have entirely forgotten about their respective launches. The price is really not that extraordinary when you take into account inflation and also when you divide it over the life of the console. What matters, the only thing that matters, is that the person who owns it enjoys using it. Whether that be to play games, play movies, or whatever combination of that and others you want to come up with.

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