Destiny: PS4/PS3 Users Get Only Four Days of Beta Early Access Before Xbox

PlayStation users were promised early access to Destiny‘s beta, but until now the length of that period was unknown. Today, a pop-up ad started appearing unveiling that detail.

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Nes_Daze2507d ago

Can't wait for this game!

ramiuk12507d ago

i still havent had my amazon beta invite(uk)

jessupj2507d ago

I personally would like it if all this timed exclusive content for 3rd party games would stop.

Exclusive games I have no problem with, but when a company takes money in exchange for lessening the experience for a large portion of their customer base, I just think it's very disrespectful and in bad taste.

MrSwankSinatra2507d ago

If that's the case then why even make a deal like that. Four days isn't jack.

FamilyGuy2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Who cares really, not like I or anyone else was bragging about "early beta access". It's a friggin beta of a multiplatform game. Who cares?

4 days, 4 weeks, the release date of the actual game will be simultaneous regardless.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2507d ago

^ Yup, it's a beta, why does anyone even care? Either way can't wait to try it out.

theRell2507d ago

You would be surprised at how many brag about what shouldn't be bragged about. Kind of sad really.

Shadonic2507d ago

Only reason why i would like more days is because it would mean that the beta would be just a bit closer.

MRMagoo1232507d ago

I didnt even know we got the beta early lol 4 days is still a bot of extra time considering the length of console betas.

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demonddel2507d ago

Bruh yall lil dudes need to stop this foolishness I mean what you just said is straight crazy

nveenio2507d ago

I'm trying to figure out if what you said qualifies as "bad language". :)

liquidhalos2507d ago

Who talks like that? I actually feel embarrassed for you having read that.

demonddel2507d ago

Inveni0&liquidhalo and to whoever yall Lil dudes must be some Lil...... Oh I forgot I can't talk like that on here

nveenio2507d ago

You can talk however you'd like, but no one understands you. Didn't you see, I put a smiley face and everything. That's universal language for, "I'm going to say something insulting, but this colon and closed parenthesis means you can't be offended."

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thekhurg2507d ago

Probably wasn't a large deal for Sony. Could have been just a marketing agreement for both products, which benefits them both and doesn't cost either company anything significant.

Mr Pumblechook2507d ago

Considering how heavily Activision and Sony have been promoting the exclusive beta than 4 days is very insubstantial and hardly worth advertising as a benefit to PlayStation because Xbox owners are hardly missing out. By the time the gaming media are reporting on the game it will be available on Xbox too. Sony doesn't have the money to pay for timed exclusives the way Microsoft can.

If the PlayStation exclusive beta really is for just 4 days then really it is a bit of a joke. It reflects badly on Sony, and badly on Activision who won't agree anything unless they are paid. I would expect at least a two week window.

Steppenwolfmother2507d ago

Its not just about the beta. I dunno about other countries but in australia ALL comercials for destiny say coming soon on PS4 also coming to ps3. There is no mention of xbox one or 360. Despite being multiplat id bet it sells better on ps4 than xbox one

devwan2507d ago

@pumblechook The beta is just something to go along with the marketing deal between Activision and PlayStation. That involves ps3/4 branded advertising and exclusive content on Sony's platform. The beta early access is part of the deal.

Also, if the beta is only a week long or over a few weekends like other betas have been, 4 extra days might not be as insignificant as it could seem at first. It's all relative.

Dirtnapstor2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Yup, and what edge does that give me!?! Same goes for every other game out there that gets DLC early, specifically platforms. What's the point? While I appreciate the "early access", there is no cross-platform competition....
Destiny looks incredible! I just hope the game is as engrossing as we've been led to believe, and not "pieces" of locations thrown together to make a "complete" universe.

Gamingcapacity2507d ago

Not sure why people are pissed. Do they want it earlier or think that the Xbox fans should have their beta later? If you think that the Xbox fans should get theirs later then why? It has no affect on you. You STILL get the beta and that should be all that your worried about, not getting 1 up on the competition!

Back-to-Back2507d ago

"If that's the case then why even make a deal like that."

Because the first real game footage people will see will be the ps4 version. Sounds like a smart business plan to me.

Gamingcapacity2506d ago

Good point. Bungie has always been linked with Microsoft. Sony is maybe trying to break that solid link. Similar to what Microsoft did with GTA IV.

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Crossbones2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Four Days. Should have been a week or 2 weeks.

LAWSON722507d ago

Betas only last like 2 weeks on on consoles.

DigitalRaptor2507d ago

They can't leave the Xbox versions hanging with no quality control just cause Sony made a deal with them. I agree it should've been longer but don't they also have exclusive DLC?

98xpresent2507d ago

No exclusive content , it's like the cod deal with xbox

ginsunuva2507d ago

Quality control?
Wtf does a beta have to do with quality control?

Everyone knows betas are just free advertising demos now.

Abriael2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Bit extensive for a typo. Takes being really scatterbrained to write "four" instead of something else.

Could have thought about a typo if it was "4" but writte like it is is hard to believe.

Of course a miscommunication between Activision and the ad carrier is always possible, but it definitely wouldn't be a typo.

SonyNGP2507d ago

Denial much? I really don't see why it should matter :/

Studio-YaMi2507d ago

Take a chill pill,he thinks it might be a typo,so what? why so angry? lol

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