Countdown to E3: What Nintendo is All About (-36 Hours Remain-)

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc by Zeldainformer:
"Night of The Second Day - 36 Hours Remain. To quote one of our recent commenters, who to be fair, just quoted a cliché - “E3 is so close now I can almost taste it”. How you taste E3 without going around licking booths is a mystery to me, but the sentiment holds true.

Back on track - today has been one full of heaps of Nintendo E3 rumors if you’ve been keeping up with all of our news. That makes this feature all the more well timed, because we’re taking a look at what Nintendo is all about. What does Nintendo stand for, and what are their philosophies? With all of these rumors, what we need to remember most is that Nintendo will stick with their values."

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