Forza Motorsport 5's game of the year edition is lacking

Turn 10 Studios announced a Racing Game of the Year Edition for Forza Motorsport 5 by way of IGN, scheduled to arrive on July 22, 2014 for Xbox One for $60/£50/€70.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2502d ago

Total scammmers. I can understand EA, Activision or Ubisoft doing this but when you are releasing a console seller the last thing you want to do is turn off potential customers with shady practices like overpriced DLCs and totally useless GOTY versions.

Forza 6 needs to have more than 500 cars at launch + more than 30 tracks + no bullshit pre-order crap + free dlc if it wants to sell lots of consoles. This half-assed effort is not going to entice people to get Xbox One consoles just to play Forza.

Yi-Long2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Well, Forza has sadly been doing this for many years now, which is the reason why Forza 3's Ultimate Edition was the last (proper) Forza game I bought, and I bought that (new) for 8 euro or something, BECAUSE they were already doing that DLC-crap. Great bargain. Great game. Would have happily paid 50-60 bucks for it if it had launched like that.

DLC milking = I wait! And might lose interest altogether.

I love the Forza games (gameplay, graphics), but the whole DLC-milking greed has completely turned me off from the series, as well as from the Xbox console, because that was pretty much the only exclusive I cared about (I'm not much of a Halo/Gears fan. Just not a big fan of shooters or sci-fi).

I had wanted to pick up a GOTY for Forza 4, but that never really happened. There was a 'GOTY', but that only had 21 extra cars, which is ridiculous considering all the DLC that has been released.

They're great games, but I hate being nickel-and-dimed, so I honestly can't be bothered with the Forza games anymore.

Hopefully, there will be lots of competition this new generation, like Project Cars, and perhaps some great next-gen racer from Codemasters, and obviously GT7 and Drive Club, etc etc, and hopefully those games will steer away from the obsessive DLC-milking that Turn 10 Studio's has stooped to...

Releasing a 'GOTY' like this, for that ridiculous price... well ... I guess that's what they feel it's worth, but I as a consumer will stay very far away from it.

memots2502d ago

"the obsessive DLC-milking that Turn 10 Studio's has stooped to... "

It's not turn 10, it's mostly ms and the whole industry now, look at all games that have released on the Xbo even the full price retail release , all loaded with dlc and in app purchases , it's way out of hand

Boody-Bandit2502d ago


"It's not turn 10, it's mostly ms" - you should've stopped there.

MS was the number one driving force behind paying to play and the swing to paying for DLC. Look no further than XBL and Gears of War. EA and Activision turned it into an art form and now nearly every developer / publisher is now on board.

Turn 10 has turned lots of their once fans off with their DLC. I have been a Forza fan since the original game and a member of the Forza forums since they've started. A lot of once Forza fans have either moved on or wait until they can pick up the newer iterations at a reduced price. I do that latter.

I picked up Forza 5 from GF for -$30. For me that was the sweet spot and I wont purchase any DLC. I purchased the Season Pass once and it was pretty frustrating that a fair amount of DLC that was released wasn't free under the Season Pass. Now the Forza series is one of the worst DLC driven series in gaming today and it's a damn shame.

MeliMel2502d ago

I agree Forza 5 needs more content. But whats the difference from the practices most devs did last gen? Seemed like every game was getting a GOTY Edition at one point. I hope Forza 6 is better, but I wouldnt make to much of it. Just dont buy it if you think its lacking.

MonstaTruk2502d ago

You didn't read the article, I assume? The only difference from the regular and GOTY edition of Forza 5 is the free DLC they already had available to download. No paid DLC will be available on the GOTY edition. That's NOT how the average company does GOTY editions. This is Microsoft...

Aussiebeachbabe2502d ago

Great game. I really love the drivatar. Excellent feature.

Clown_Syndr0me2502d ago

Unfortunately the whole game was lacking. I don't like how online works, and there are hardly any tracks.
Its a shame as it plays really well.

OwnageDC6502502d ago

LoL, weakest game of the year edition. I was expecting pretty much all of the DLC included.

Yi-Long2502d ago

I'm guessing they hope the average consumer will just read the box, which says 'GOTY-edition', and will assume it will include all the DLC, as most 'GOTY-editions' do... so they'll buy it.

For those who are informed, this just signals a new low, for the Forza series, for Microsoft, and just for the greedy practices in today's gaming industry, when it comes to nickel-and-diming your customers.

It's a shame. Forza is a great game, but it's just ruined by this kind of greed. Unless you're a hardcore fan, I'd think very hard before buying Forza 6 on day 1 for full price, cause basically it just means that you're probably buying half a game, considering all the content they will try to sell you afterwards, at a premium price.

MrSwankSinatra2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I really hope this doesn't become a trend. It's bad enough that games already have horrible DLC business models, but this takes the cake. We can't even get a true GOTY edition for a game?

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